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Cool adult

When I grew up, I wanted to be a cool adult. Somehow vaguely.
I'm sure that people who used to read men's magazines such as "Gainer (now discontinued?" And now "LEON"" must think so.
But how can that be the case? For an ordinary man who doesn't have a wake-up look, a proud educational background, and no profession, reading such a magazine and imitating the way of thinking, including fashion, is the best shortcut. had thought.
However, did you become the result?


Unfortunately I couldn't. Rather, in the first place, it is useless at the time of perusing the magazine for such popularity.
That's why I've never been told by women that it seems to be popular. Most of the time, people often say, "You look good in your personality," "You've never been angry," and "You look sincere," which is more suitable for a boy than a man.
If I knew this would happen anyway, I wouldn't be surprised if I really wanted to be a monk.


However, one of the things that makes you older than when you were young is that you somehow realize that you are really cool.
I used to hold it in a magazine, I didn't even get slender, it was dandy, smart, gourmet, tasteful, well paid, and above all, it was popular with women. From the definitions of such various iron plates, we can see the niche coolness that is eliminated. You will also notice that such a person is unexpectedly close.


For example, I know a lot of cheap and delicious food shops that are not crowded, such as people who can say what their wife likes after 30 years of marriage, people who can talk about their favorite things non-stop for more than 2 hours. These are examples I've heard from women recently, such as people who never say bad things, off-color humor, and bragging stories.
If you say this, there is no body or lid, but there are many different types of "coolness", just the number of people. It's just whether anyone thinks it's cool.
As soon as I thought so, my feelings became easier. The "coolness" that once looked like a high gate that even entered the University of Tokyo can now be felt much closer like a prep school.


Maybe I could be like this myself, or even maybe I could be.
When I was young, I was based on the vulgar feeling that if I became a good-looking adult, I would be popular and have good feelings, but gradually I wanted to increase the attractiveness as a human being, regardless of the popularity itself. Shifted to. Of course, it's better to simply be popular, but ...
The best thing is that there is such an attractive person nearby. I can't imitate it, but I think Yujiro Ishihara and Tetsuya Watari are good examples. And that coolness is inherited.


Because I can't join the Ishihara army corps now, I have no choice but to pursue my own coolness. When a person who was popular when he was young grows up and becomes less popular and mourns why he is no longer popular, he forgets that the hurdle to be popular is rising year by year.


Maintaining the coolness of youth, you can still stick to it even as you grow older. It's a feat and a lie. Jiro Shirasu and Picasso are good examples.
Then, what is cool for you these days? People who have achieved something are cool. But I can't be. After all, when that happens


I think he is a person who can easily answer the fundamental question, "Who are you, who are you?"
I recently met such a person. I didn't meet him in person, but he was a photographer, Watanabeani. It is a person who is still in existence.


When I read the book he published, I thought he was simply a cool person. You can take good pictures, the text is interesting and deep. There was no strange position talk, no petit pride, no terrible self-deprecation, and I thought that "taking a picture", "writing", and "living" were in line with the elegance. And it's pretty difficult to make it happen. At least not now.


I think it's amazing to see people who can publish even one such book. And not only Watanabeani, one book is two books, two books are three books, and three books are four books.


It seems that a person who can continue to talk about his thoughts to a sad world crowded with elephant and non-elephant people is an honestly cool adult.
However, regardless of whether it is a popular road or an enlightenment, it is a practice on any road. Those who forget their training will degenerate rather than stagnate. The proud person who was popular when he was young may have stopped it in a certain year.


It's up to the person to make him mature or just sad, but of course he doesn't have to force himself to become a cool adult.
Even if it was impossible for others, at least Nakamura wanted to die when his family said, "It was cool."
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