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What is "story"?

 People need stories. I came to think so when I was a child, I wanted to write a novel someday. It is not a hobby but a professional writer. These stories may be just boring stories.

 But talking about yourself is boring for others, but it is a serious problem for yourself. Because, no matter how far the problem goes, it's not your own, but your own.

When people talk about themselves, they want the other person to understand. And I'm expecting a response that says, "It was painful," "I understand, understand."

 If it is replaced with the word confession, the significance will be added, and when you go to God, it will be replaced with the more confession word of confession. From this story, confession, and confession, one can clearly see that a person is a creature who wants someone to know about him. It is as deep and serious as possible. It is a sign that he wants you to take your presence heavily.

 Even so, it's a story of another person. No matter how much you try to add a gesture and give a sulking, even if you exaggerated and exaggeratedly colored it, most of the boring stories are boring no matter how far you go.

 And only time passes, and it never goes to the other. The one who talks is just refreshing. The reason is simple. This is because the story above itself has not reached the level that can be heard as a single story.

  If it's a really interesting story, people listen silently. Even if it's a fake story, it's a lie story. We purchase as book if it becomes letter.

 When you hear stories, most people associate novels, comics, and movies. The story is one of the expressive activities and an extraordinary act.

 But telling a story is not that special. Anyone is doing unconsciously anytime, anywhere. Because it is essential to survive. If no one understands, people die. I try to get to know myself. I am making a story about my existence every day.

  When I turned myself, I couldn't express myself well since I was a child. If you try to talk forcibly, you'll get nervous, and you'll just talk about things that aren't easy enough. In order to manage it into one form, we had to interweave lies and exaggerations.

 And one day I thought. Why can't I speak well? However, it was a question that no one could answer. There are many common reasons. Because people are scared. Because he's a skill I'm ashamed. I'm foolish, I'm timid ...

 However, there is no exit no matter how many general theories are arranged. And even if you understand why, it doesn't mean you can speak well. No matter how much you fiddle with your own mind and the environment in which you grew up, you'll just get into the maze of psychology and sociology.

 However, I want to convey my feelings to others as I live. So I decided to do something to make my feelings into sentences. The starting point was writing a diary.

 According to his mother, he did not order from the time he entered kindergarten and started without permission. And it was a diary that I started somehow, but writing was just fun. When I finished writing my diary, I felt relieved and felt a little lighter.

 However, a diary exists only for yourself no matter where you go. As a prerequisite, it is not intended to be read by others. This is what I am writing today, so I thought like this. It's just a miscellaneous note that I felt like this.

 So, as in the story above, reading by others isn't fun at all, and I never read it again, even in the first place. Therefore, when I was in the upper grades of elementary school, writing a diary itself became vain, and I recruited only a sense of work. And there are also lots of content that others would want to read.

 And I noticed that I never wrote a diary. However, myself in reality has not changed. Only the desire to convey overflows without stopping. When I was thinking about what to do,

 "Yes, let's make this a story." It was a great discovery of the century for me. He decided to make storytelling a career in the future in a natural way.

 Furthermore, this is your own destiny and vocation.

 This seemed to be the only solution to the bridge between two isolated worlds: a world full of my own thoughts and a real world of reality that did not accept me.

 Thus, the days of telling each other started from an early age. However, becoming a writer in the future is also a dream that ordinary elementary school children have. Of course, at that time, I didn't know how difficult it was, and being a writer was a big business.

 Story telling began as a way for people to understand, and it became an indispensable tool for some time, and also became a criterion for deciding the direction of life at the forefront of life.

 So, because it was the first time, it was too much power and it was somehow hard to say, but to put it simply, this blog is a person who is obsessed with `` telling '' It is a notebook of living.

 However, looking back now, I have devoted all myself to devoting myself to the story (not dare to be literature) and dreaming, but I never felt unhappy or useless. .

Too much of a goal for a lifetime could distort a person's life or narrow down other possibilities, but never for myself. .

 Of course, I haven't achieved much results, I'm regrettable, and I'm not without doubt.

However, I have never doubted that it is wonderful to send stories in my life. I would like to write about that little by little in the themes that I will cover every time.

 I want to determine where a man who can only tell a story will go to the end of his life in this blog called "Literature of Living". That's one of the things that started this blog. At the same time, I want to prove that it is not worthless to reality.

  It was a Nakamura that took a week just to think about whether it was more or less.

 see you