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In the first place the beginning of story

 It became the front, but did the program which visited the Japanese who lived on TV in a foreign country all the time. About the woman who married into New Caledonia in the time.

  New Caledonia imaged a European summer resort without permission partly because it was said that it was a French possession once, but it was island a native was traditional, and to live for that the woman married. The permission of the elder of the ground was going to be necessary I entered the island, and to report.

  Of course the car runs to Shimauchi, too, and there is the hotel for tourists, too. The Japanese woman works now in the hotel, too. But the husband was one of the natives.  

 And the Japanese woman was irritated from beginning to end while loving husbands. This is because the husband does not work at all. The enlargement of the house lives on their ways, too, but work does not advance so as to be wonderful.

  She ordered what a woman did in a day this and that in the morning, but have not accomplished it at all. she is going to do it, but she is satisfied immediately, and a friend comes and stops it. And he go for fishing together.

  It is the work of the original husband catches a rubber crab, and to wholesale it at a hotel, but does not do it when life does not suppress this either. Therefore it is that is irritated with you together that it is dumfounded when a woman comes home from work.

  When I looked first, I thought that it was what a good-for-nothing terrible man. But while a program gradually advanced, I idled about and it was not only the man not to work and understood that it was all the residents of the island. Originally a lot of many places grow even if the fruit leaves it in the warm ground.

  They can catch plenty fish if I hang down a fishing line. If there is even a mat, they can sleep anywhere. Meanwhile, it is not necessary to work with mimesis while sweating. In other words the word to act does not exist. Therefore the husband thinks of an expression to "be why" in a Japanese woman from beginning to end while making an excuse.

  I have begun to gradually feel the sympathy out of irritation to a husband, too. When I say both, too; as for this husband type is because is it. Of course I do what I should do because it is Japan here. But I have of the most unwillingly.

  I intend to play truant and always think whether it is not idled about somehow. Then I gather together and watch the sea vaguely when it is said what the existing resident of the island does at the time that I had free.

  Particularly, it is serious when it is time for sunset. Place collecting begins to watch the setting sun where all sink into. This is not because the setting sun of the day is special particularly, and it is the same setting sun yesterday.

  But therefore the slight trouble happens, too. It is the elder of the village then to appear. I dodge the person concerned well and assign a suitable place to. Then, everybody watches the setting sun which merely sets earnestly. The husband before the camera says then.

  When it is their first happiness. I have been impressed to see the face that they watched the setting sun happily carelessly. I let I was not exaggerated and lose it with a tingle. Possibly when them may be right.

 And I have thought that this might be a human original figure. And they do a chat each other while staring at the setting sun. I need to hide nothing. I was irritable recently, but the man grieved over a wife when I did not understand the reason.

  An introduction got longer, but does never began with the story at such time? When I say after the setting sun was over, and a fun moment was over, somebody murmurs it in this way slowly.

  So that I disappear wherever, and setting sun goes down. When I will climb it from the other side as next morning Chaoyang which is why. Of course there is not the person who can talk about it scientifically. The elder is not answered either. There is always the guy who is good at a talk in that. The eyes of all gather naturally. That fellow begins to talk timidly.

  When "the setting sun melts in the sea, and God of the sea remakes the morning sun from the coral of the bottom of the sea because I become black." The person of the circumference wonders more and asks you a question. "God is what". The talkative person lets imagination act more. "God is almighty". Anyway, when I can make anything. And the story swells out steadily, and is magnificent; is talked.

  Of course it may be over as the false story worthless before for the occasion. But, meanwhile, the epoch-making story that performs a grab of the feeling of all comes out.  

  And the story returns to each other's houses and is talked to a family. And the story spreads out to Muranaka and sublimates for the legend of the village at last. With the story, I might begin in such a place.

  And when it faces each other in the present times and may not be strange. Because somebody explains something. Of course it will be what is laughed down saying that I am groundless scientifically when it is now. I cannot make the sun from coral how either.

  But I am good in it. The truth demands it from a story, and there is nobody of those villagers. I hear it and only want to only understand. And I want to be impressed if I can do it. The story begins in the dullsville place and sometimes reaches the noble myth. Because most stories in the world are inclined to the either, I am worthless. I think so.  

  see you.