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Want to sleep all the time?

 I love sleeping. I really want to sleep for eight and a half hours, but if I don't sleep for at least seven hours every day, I'll be sick the next day. After waking up daily, reading and writing, I sleep for about 30 minutes. I also take a nap on holidays. In total, I sometimes sleep for 12 hours.

 But I think this is actually my biggest health practice. I read in a book that not only does sleep relieve fatigue in the brain, but it also seems to purify the body by secreting substances that detox from the brain. This seems to be insufficient if this is a short sleep or a light sleep.

 I like to compare anything to animals, but animals are sleeping when they are sick. But I'm just sleeping. That will fix most of the upsets. Of course, no alarm clock sounds and nobody wakes up.

 Sometimes, when I hear the story of a person who complains of poor physical condition, I feel that many people are not sleeping anyway. The main reasons are work, housework, parenting and staying up late.
Of course, some people may be unable to sleep due to pain, itching and various symptoms caused by physical problems. But the rest are more sleepy if they manage to manage.

  Slightly reduce the time to watch your smartphone. Stop the game of distraction. That alone should give you a little more sleep.
So I recommend sleeping anyway when I talk about health. There are quite a few who have recovered.

 And in my case, besides sleep as a health law. Sometimes you simply like the act of sleeping. I especially love to dream.

 I dream a lot from my childhood. Happy dreams from nightmares. From a big adventure, a dream of a walk. All are all-color cast appearances.

 Some of them are in the series. Some of my dreams seem to be like this last time. And here is a dream. However, some of the dreams you dream are dreams that you think you are one. Some of the series I like quite a bit, and after watching, I wanted to see the next, and sometimes I went to sleep.

  When this happens, it's not the dream of Shoko's dream. It is a dream world that reflects on your existence in the dreams of dreams.

  And interestingly, I am very smart. The philosophical proposition can be solved smoothly, as the mediocre head rotation of reality is a lie. If you announce this as it is, there are some people who think that the Nobel Prize is not a dream.

 But, in reality, when I dream up in reality, I don't remember anything so important that I am stunned. It is absolutely labor-free.

 When I wake up, I say ah and sigh. But the body is excited. The only feeling left is that the mystery of existence has been solved.

 So, when I sleep, I want to dream and sleep. However, it is strange that dreams of having such evil spirits are dreams of being chased by murderers. Then I sigh, saying that I was happy with my dream. And it gets up by force. It is the opposite of a good dream.
Thus, I can say that I sleep every day to dream. And they live in the real world to dream.
The dream is the “story” that you can imagine. So it's no exaggeration to say that my life is almost a dream. Is my dream myself or my dream? I wonder if I'm only in someone's dream. That's how life passes.

 Recently, Nakamura thinks that living in a dream alone and dying is not bad.
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