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Diary and literature

  What is the difference between a diary and literature? I thought suddenly. Of course, the idea of ​​the expert of the source is understood somehow. 
 In Japan, the diary and literature are essentially the same, and many of them have been described as fine literary works, such as pillow pillows and natural grass.
 Of course I agree with that opinion. However, if you think too deeply, you will end up in a difficult chaos, what is literature in the first place. It is too far from today's title.
 But to put it simply, for me literature is a story that is interesting to read. It's selfish to see artistic value or innovative value there, but I think that it is just one measure.
 Of course, if it's interesting, that's fine. I'm not going to say that I'm just killing time (Osamu Dazai said that women and girls play with them). It is also true that all the masterpieces that remain today are all rare and best-selling works at that time. There is nothing left unsold and known as a masterpiece. Anyway, it was sold explosively at that time. In other words, it seemed interesting.
 From there, it is further filtered by a filter of time, and what remains is a masterpiece that is conveyed to the present. Occasionally reading the Meiji literary story reveals that there were really many famous writers at that time. But most of them don't remain. Even if it remains, it is at best two or one.
 That's why a work that lasts 50 or 100 years is worth a natural monument. So, even if you make a work, you have to be prepared to sell very little and to remain a little longer. Perhaps that Haruki Murakami will probably have only one or two left in 100 years.
 But I think it is different to stop telling in despair. I dared to aim for the towering literature (Kalamazov ’s brothers and war and peace), but of course there are many different ways to climb. I think there is absolutely.
 I'm not going to say that the process and effort is worth it in parentheses, but this is also a quote from Dazai, but I think it's well worth the life of a boy (and now a girl).
 And I think that there is a diary as a word of examination and suffering in the process. I think that the masterpiece is the diary of Taneda Santoka. And there is an ideal relationship between diary and literature. The diary becomes a literary work when value is created in the process of this effort.
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