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Are you excited to hear a typhoon?

 The typhoon has come and gone . When I hear of a typhoon, my father recalls watching the NHK typhoon news and staying up until midnight.

 My father has experienced the Typhoon Isewan. It was a horrible typhoon (a whopping 900 hectopascals), the river in Nagoya flooded, flooded the second floor instead of the first floor of the parents' house, and finally had a TV (it was more expensive than a car at the time) It is said that she evacuated to the roof. Still, the rise of water did not stop at all, and it seemed that turbid currents came almost immediately near my feet.

 The water level is several dozen centimeters higher *, saying that the whole family was washed away and was dead. I heard that story every time the typhoon arrived, and thought that I could get a boost to my ears.

  With that fear, my father never slept until he knew he was safe, no matter how small he was or how far he was off course.

  In short, it was "do not lick the typhoon". The birthplace where his father lived was built in an area that would not be submerged in any flood. It's a natural disaster just because it exceeds expectations.

  After the water drained, the father's birthplace, which was covered with earth and sand and sludge, was no longer inhabitable and had to be rebuilt.
However, my father was always a guardian, not a chunk of the guard, so I was looking at another figure that I would only show during this typhoon, wondering.

 And no matter how terrible the typhoon was, I could only remember the scene where my father struggled to protect the TV rather than the safe.

 On the contrary, as an elementary school student, I thought that school would be closed when the typhoon came, and said, "I'll ask you, typhoon, hit me directly." I was praying in my heart. It was just as exciting as the characters in the movie “Typhoon Club”.
However, I have come to understand that the fact that a typhoon comes when I grow up and work in society as such leads to tremendous damage and is irreparable.

 As soon as that happened, I was ashamed and could not bear the innocent wishing for the typhoon.

 However, at the same time, I also thought that being an adult meant eliminating the excitement of the typhoon. This excitement is to be erased by the common sense and common sense of adults.

 That also means to kill obedient sensitivity with your own hands. Of course, we are not saying that we are pleased with the typhoon coming up with our hands, but the fact that we are grown up is the loneliness that loses such sensitivity.

  No matter what someone says, I am excited about what is exciting. Sensitivity that makes the naked king laugh. That is the privilege of the child.

 I think everyone has been excited at the same time as watching the sci-fi and “Ultraman” watching monsters destroy the city.

 However, it does not work to imagine that many people who actually live there are stomached and die or injured, and have met with terrible eyes. Working does not make Ultraman.

 The excitement of this child. And to erase the excitement with common sense. I don't know if it's a prerequisite for adults or who is doing children's literature.

 Rather, it is true that it is to become an adult in the true sense to think about the boundaries of how we can communicate to others without losing this excitement and at the same time not insane and verbalizing. I came to think about this typhoon.

  The unit of the atmospheric pressure of the typhoon was Nakamura, who thinks that the old millibar is more scary than hectopascal.
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