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Rugby and chicken fans

  The Rugby World Cup is held.
 It seems to be a great excitement. That's because I rarely see matches. Not only watching directly, but also watching on TV.
 But in the past it was different. When the soccer J-League started and an unprecedented boom came, it was the only time to watch the game on TV. Soon he had a nephew team and had a hard time getting a ticket and going to see it.
 The original Japan national team was also a dream of participating in the World Cup, and the final goal was to break through the qualifying. Of course, the members of the  Japanese national team at that time were able to tell the names of all the members, including support members, and knew the school they were from.
 I was amazed at the victory or defeat of the game, and in the next game I was excited with this friend and with my friends.
 However, as time passed, it was the lowest goal to enter the World Cup final tournament, and we came to aim for the best 8 or the best 4.
 It's amazing evolution and improvement.
 But now I can't say any of the representatives of Japan. I don't see any national matches. I just lost interest. Then why is it gone?
 If you think about it, you are not bored. I want the Japanese national team to do their best. I also care about the results. But there is no enthusiasm as before. I just don't want to see the match anymore.
 Probably because I can make a rough prediction. Of course it will be interesting for experts and experienced people. There will be many highlights and watching points for each game. If you look seriously, you'll be excited. But I do n’t feel like watching it.
If I think about it again, that is because I couldn't really take interest in the game of soccer itself.
 In a slightly violent way, anything is fun, whether it is a smartphone game or a role-playing game. We are excited about the process of becoming stronger. I'm going to become stronger by looking at a mighty enemy.
 However, when it becomes stronger to some extent, the limit begins to appear, and when it becomes persevered and fertile, the previous motivation is lost rapidly.
 In other words, people like to watch, hear and feel the process of getting stronger, not just soccer. It is a creature that wants to see the process of rising. If it gets well into the times, it will become a big boom, and then it will be recognized and settled socially.
 And those who leave the boom and leave there are called “niwa fans”. In other words, I was just a fan.
 At the same time, even when you get a certain age, you'll even get lost in something. I notice the essence of the catch. That is true.
 However, there are some people who become real fans from quail fans. They are a great supporter who wakes up to the essence and fun of the sport and supports it while watching the game.
 So it was rugby, but as you know, a big boom is coming. So please take advantage of the best opportunity and make an effort to make a Japanese fan a real fan.
 But rugby is interesting. Who is that amazing. Who isn't handsome. I want you to convey the essence of rugby in an easy-to-understand manner. There is a need for a well-thought-out strategy and skill, not just appealing for passion. Even if the talent is noisy, it doesn't add anything.
 And above all, a variety of stories are needed. The hero of the manga “Captain Tsubasa”, the hero of the hero, just like in the first episode, “I will someday become the top scorer in the World Cup”. Like the pirate king, this is important.
 I'd like you to show an interesting story as if not only the world of manga but also the real world of football started to move.
 see you