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Meaning of being stupid

  It has never been a pain to do nothing for a long time. You can watch the sky for hours. On the other hand, those who do things have stress. It includes not only work but also the programs that must be watched and the books that must be read.
  Sometimes it makes me wonder if I have to eat. So what do you think of as a ghost? The lofty philosophical proposition, the interpretation of difficult cases, and the content of the book you read may be thought of as the first start, but eventually fade away from your head.
  All that remains is the fact that it is dull. Of course, I'm not asleep, so various thoughts come to mind. Annoyed, nostalgic friends, old memories.
  It disappears when it floats like the rain of May, and floats and disappears with a different shape. However, do not chase it deeply. We do not investigate the cause by analyzing the details of getting angry.
  However, leave it to disappear when it floats. In time, nothing will come up. That's what happened. At last, we are approaching the true value of being stunned.
  Some people may say this is just meditation. Certainly there is a sense close to meditation. However, I think that meditation is quite different for me because it takes time to meditate.
  Meditation will not work or be effective if not done intentionally. As for this, I will write later, and it makes sense to ask for no effect.
  When it comes to meaning, it leaves the true value of being stupid.
Then you might be told that it's just a waste of time and useless time. Yes, it ’s really just a killing. And it's a complete waste.
  That's why it's good. Look at the autumn sky that I thought was beautiful without meaning. Look at a beautiful single flower that has no purpose. I think this is actually the farthest away from all pain and trouble. Speaking of Daegu, it may be a state of being freed from the senile illnesses of Buddhism. Naturally, this is also different from being drunk with your favorite liquor.
  Then come back to me again. And it is taken into the cycle of troublesome thinking. Immediately, many thoughts and words are revived.
  When I come back from a happy moment when I was foolish, I feel the closeness to the state of death. Death is a moment when the spirit is stunned.
If so, I am dead every day. They are experiencing a pseudo-dying experience.
 see you