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That effort

 I have always hated the word effort. However, it does not mean that no effort is made. Basically, the goal is to set a goal, make a plan, change the routine lifestyle to achieve it, and work hard.

 Of course, it is limited to what you like. There has been little effort in school studies, club activities and dieting. To be more precise, it tries to make efforts, but it gets frustrated.

 Regarding studying, whether it was conceited or strong in the complex, setting excessive goals, it was impossible to achieve it, and it was repeated self-hate and quitting. However, I like to make plans to achieve my goals, so I was satisfied that I would change my work regularly and do my best from tomorrow. But I can't change the plan again. Replace the reference book and study human studies.

 And again, I think that I have a complete plan, but I will execute it, but I will be frustrated in a week in a day at the earliest. Anyway, I suddenly hate it. Why should I learn this formula if it is mathematics? What is the significance of mathematics? Why is mathematics finally born? What is the relationship with the real world? In the end, you reach the conclusion that it is almost meaningless and convince you. Repeat it forever.

 Therefore, the grade does not improve. That's why it's halfway. However, planning is fine. In the end, what I wanted to say was that the only thing that helped me in studying at school was the habit of planning anything. It was very helpful for writing novels.

 Write a novel. Develop a plan. In other words, it was a plan that had been repeated many times. Writing is execution. But I'm still halfway as a writer because this practice is still bad.

 Writing is fun. But you don't want to keep your eye on the details and finish writing completely. Losing one's style with the meaning of particles and words. The end is a work full of gaps with no sense of unity.

 In other words, it was the reason that it was not possible to be first-class.

 And it's about effort, that is, to work hard with your teeth. Learn mathematics formulas, thinking that there is no meaning. Properly review and proofread a novel. It ’s about getting the job done.

 I think people who can do that, that is, become the first-class in that way. And it must be called “genius”, a person who can do it with a smile without any hard work.

 In this world, there is a strange expression of genius who can make an effort. But in my mind, this is a contradictory word. Genius does not make an effort. So you are a genius. I think that a person who has achieved his life by cutting his teeth, is not a genius.

 So I am not a genius. And not top-notch. I think that what to do if it ends up is “how to live”. .

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