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How do you use your credit?

  I still don't really understand what money is. I know it's important. You can also understand that money is the exchange value of goods. You can also see that it is not already a gold standard. I also agree with the basic income. I also support Yusaku Maesawa's goal of a world without money.

 However, I still don't know much about money. And now, instead of that, it is said that the "trust" that the person has will be more important than money.
Money is just metal and paper in the first place, and it can only be credit with a national background.

 After all, money is also credit after all, and credit is proof that it is valuable.
Then, make money, spend money, and save money. Money is the object in both cases.
There are countless words used as verbs, but in the end, the meaning is to earn, accumulate, or use. I think that these three can be summarized.

 Then, I would like to think a little about what it means to earn credit, accumulate credit, and use credit when this object is replaced with "credit".
Listening to earning credit, the first thing that comes to mind is SNS. It is also said that the more followers you have, the more credible you are. I hear that some companies cite hiring more than 10,000 followers on Twitter as a hiring condition.

 Of course, it cannot be said that there is equal credibility if the number of followers is large, but since credibility is invisible, it will be one guide for the time being.
And accumulate credit. This will keep the number of followers. Some will try to keep up with the changes and some will try to keep the current numbers without doing new things.

 Then, "use credit". I think this is the most difficult, and at the same time, it is in the spotlight.

 Affiliates, information products, salons, book publishing, You Tuber, etc. are examples of that.

 However, use this credit. In other words, money is consumption.
And how do you use the credit you earned? It has something to do with spending money.

 And how to use this credit, when credit becomes more valuable than money, I feel that I will finally decide the value of that person.

 Are you using it for something like a luxury car or a luxury condominium like money, or presenting a new usage that has not yet appeared in the world? I think Maezawa's recent way of distributing money is one of the new possibilities of using "credit".

 Of course, even if the value of credit goes up in the future, there is also the idea of ​​putting the maximum value on the credit itself excessively, and there is also the idea of ​​not giving it because we do not want to sacrifice privacy and comfort.
For the time being, if you want to know more about that person in the future, what do you do if you get 100 million followers, rather than ask how to use 1 billion? It may be better to ask.

 How to earn credit, how to save, how to use. And how do you face each other? I think this has to be considered more than money in the future. In a sense, it can impact the world more than money.

 I often hear that my life has collapsed because I sometimes won a lottery ticket. From now on, it is possible that someone who suddenly gained credit (popularity) could lead to the same fate with a little misuse. Hopefully some people will think of death as the SNS burns.

 Of course, the word credit is also used in a narrow sense of human relations.
"He has credibility, he doesn't." "Trust and lend money, do not lend," etc.
And of course, credit is invisible unlike money. Trust is a subjectivity between the parties.
No matter how much you don't need credit, as long as you live in this society, you cannot be completely free. When you lose all your credibility, you're sure to be mentally bankrupt.

 Furthermore, trust in people changes from day to day. Often people who can trust until yesterday suddenly lose trust.
After all, if money becomes more important in the world where credit is more important, it can be more difficult than money if not treated carefully.

 I think it's scary because "credibility" is invisible. People can say about bankruptcy of money, but unexpectedly, on the individual level, I often think that people's trust in others and myself is vague and neglected.

 If you don't trust it to a certain extent, you will only be suspicious of your family and your lover, so it can't be helped because it's painful.

 But how much do you trust, what are your words, what is your attitude, what are your concrete actions, what are your thoughts, and how are you living?
Because it is not clear, it is easy to splurge on the credit to the other party, accumulate it, and bend myself to gain the credit.

 Personally, I have a certain amount of money and credit, and I feel that I am the happiest being able to live without being aware of this.

 I would like to compare it to money again, but I have debt and can always be aware of money. There is not enough child support. On the contrary, we have to consider how to spend the surplus money. In a sense, it's unhappy.

 I usually forget completely. It may be the best way to deal with credit, just like money.
Nakamura wondered what to do when I heard about the number of Twitter followers sold and bought for each account.
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