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Do you buy books at a bookstore?

 Like anyone who loves books, I love bookstores anyway.

 It is better if there is a large library that is overwhelming as soon as you enter.
 It's even better to have a one-story building rather than a building with several floors.
And to put it even further, it would be best if it wasn't displayed in an orderly manner like an art museum, there were some customers, and it was a little chaotic.

 I often go when there is nothing, but I deliberately go to such large bookstores (bookstores) when there are particular worries or when I feel upset.
Then, I wander around in the jungle of the book. Starting from the magazine corner at the entrance, and afterwards, with all the attention you need, without having to decide the field from new books, enlightenment books, photo books, comics, subcultures, medical care, to law Take it and flip through.

 Therefore, only the part that caught my eye is scanned. If you like it, remember the title and put it back on the shelf. Repeat this all the time.
Then, I will only buy the books that remain in my mind when I return.
I think that basically this is a feeling game. I don't choose from the point of view that someone is advertising because it is selling or I have heard it.
Even the price does not matter. After paying at the cash register and finishing the transaction, I often find that it was surprisingly expensive (especially legal books and photo books).


 However, even if I think that I wasted a little later, I never regret it.
In this way, whether you buy a book or not, if you go around the bookstore many times, you may unknowingly have a book that suits your trouble, a solution suddenly comes up, or after turning around, it naturally becomes I often get refreshed.
At times, the idea of ​​the story may come up.


 A little different from other book lovers here is that just because you like a bookstore, it must be a paper book.
I don't think I read it unless it was paper. I like the scent of paper.
You can understand the taste of people who like paper books, such as the feeling of turning pages.


 However, in my case, it is basically an e-book now.
As for the existing paper books I have at home, I always buy new ones that I like (e.g., I read them with a scanner and make my own e-books 〝Self-cooking〝 I do not do it because paper books are a shame. Therefore, the bookshelves at home are lined with non-electronic books.


 That means...I think it's a bit light to read up to this point, but I don't buy any books at a bookstore (so I have only specialized books and photo books).
Then, I might be an annoying customer for the bookstore.


 For this e-book, I used a dedicated tablet for reading for a while, but since it is troublesome to carry it just for that reason, I integrated it into a smartphone application even if my eyes were tired.


 However, I sometimes think that if you include all-you-can-read books in one smartphone that fits in the palm of your hand, you will be surprised to find that there are thousands of books.


 In other words, to say that it is the same as carrying around a small library.
Certainly, there is a study surrounded by bookshelves packed with paper books, and I'm longing for life when I read a day in that study, but I say that I always carry this mini library with me. The feelings are more suitable for me.


 You can read your favorite book anytime, anywhere in an instant. There is nothing like this. I am honestly impressed that it is a convenient world.
The story changes a little, but a friend who works for a department store says that young people don't buy any clothes other than bargains.


 Even if you actually try on clothes or try them on, you will return without buying them. ‥
 I mean, I do a preview at a department store and buy it online from home. On the net, you can specify sizes and colors not found in shops, and they will bring you home. There are no unnecessary paper bags left.


 This means that the department store has become a clothes showroom instead of a store selling clothes. The bookstore may be the same. Look at a bookstore and buy an e-book.


 And, this is not limited to books and clothes, but it will spread to furniture and cars in the future.

 Even though I buy a lot of paper books on a regular basis, I only preview and buy e-books at bookstores, so I think this trend is becoming stronger among young people. The bookstore is crushed by all means.
Then, what should an e-book group like a bookstore do? Should I just hold my finger and watch as the bookstore disappears?

 This is a personal idea, but I think it would be good if there was a system that returned to the bookstore when you bought an e-book selected at that bookstore.
For example, if you have a QR code on the back of a book and buy an e-book from it, what is the percentage of the book price? In that case, a bookstore that has become a showroom will also make money, and the bookstore will not collapse.
Anyway, the excitement of a bookstore. This is an irreplaceable thing, so I definitely want the bookstore to stay forever.


 Anyway, if I get old someday and can't go out much, I definitely want to live near a large bookstore.
 And while playing in the jungle of the sunny book, I would like to immerse myself in unrelenting thoughts.


 I like the bookstore very much, but I also like the library in another sense.
see you