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Do you like meditation?

 Every day, I'm in a stray, but my favorite is Nakamura. It is our daily routine to do this.

 When I say that I am doing meditation, I think that I tended to have an occult-like, religious image until a while ago, but these days, including foreign famous people, meditation is considered as one of the health methods. It has become quite popular.

 Even so, when you talk to people, sometimes still? Sometimes I have a suspicious expression, but it became much easier to talk.

 However, my own method of meditation is very personal. It was started by reading through Zazen books and meditation introductory books.

 Therefore, it may be a completely wrong way of thinking for those who have really mastered Soto Zen and so on. If you think this is the case, please read that book.

 For me, meditation may be angry, but in a nutshell, it means “breaking my thoughts”. I think this is all.

 In other words, make time to think about anything. It may be paraphrased that it is to forcibly stop the thoughts that come to mind one after another.

 Of course, people always think about something. Or I feel.
 In terms of personal life, life and death, work and family, depending on the person, the future of this country, the peace of the world.

 It seems to be vague, and in fact, it always requires some thought. In other words, while waking up, the brain (or the brain, whether it really thinks about everything or not) is a full turn.

 And, sometimes it is overflowed by a certain thought. For example, a depressed state is exactly that.

 In Buddhism, I think that people cannot be released because they are always dominated by this thought and suffer and suffer suicide sometimes.

 It's only until I say that it's a human being, like Mitsu Aida, but I think that with daily training, I will be able to break that thought.

 Meditation for me is the most useful method.

 Then, if you forcibly stop thinking and thinking, what is the best thing about it is to forget yourself by meditating. In other words, I feel that I can be freed from the anxieties associated with it.

 If being freed from fear of life-old illness is generally said to be liberation, it may be the state closest to liberation during meditation.

 To get to the point of forgetfulness. In other words, you will be saved.

 However, I am not a great person who can be released from the ordinary like Buddha, so it is only during meditating (while holding it). Only that, I feel like I was a Buddha (sorry for Buddhists).

 As you can see once you actually try it, the situation is very clear, it seems that you are not there, and at the same time it is a unique situation that is enveloped in omnipotence. It is easy to see why Daruma Daishi was always trying to maintain this state of meditation.


 However, the problem is that doing this meditation is easy and really difficult.
I have been doing it for many years, but the only thing that will work is if it happens once every ten days. I usually go into meditation according to the usual procedure, but soon I end up just being swayed by my daily worries and my usual worries about my past. Still, I try to crush the thoughts that come up one after another (the image is smashing).

 However, the moment when I can really erase myself and become one with something like heaven (although there are various ways of thinking about what heaven means), I get angry.

 Perhaps that is the state of Soseki Natsume's "Nori Tenshi I".
In Natsume Soseki's novel, there are several times when the protagonist goes to Zenji. However, most of the time, it fails and returns to the lower world.

 You cannot escape from the anxiety until the very end. It's useless with these protagonists, but even that great literary writer may not have mastered complete meditation.

 I think meditation is that difficult.

 After that, it will be a technique problem, but you can continue to look at the mandala's picture, concentrate on a certain sound while opening your eyes, climb a high mountain and do it in a place with good air. It is probably because of the attempts being made. ..
 However, in both cases, I feel that most people, including myself, are just satisfied with what they did.

 I worried if I am really meditating, for example, when I go to the top of the mountain with a yoga mat, climb up to the top of the mountain, do yoga comfortably, and watch a girl on the TV who is meditating unwaveringly. 

 It's a bad word to say, but I wonder if I'm over because I like myself doing yoga in these places.

 However, I feel that it is also different from intense training (being hit by a waterfall or doing a meditation).

 Guys, you don't want to do your best to meditate. I think true meditation can be done anywhere on a plane or in Starbucks (especially in a plane) without having to do zazen or search for silence.

 During meditation, it takes a few hours in a blink of an eye (though you can only reach there once a year).

 You can see later that even the space has transcended.
 These things keep my head clean. It may be good to get the image of a trip that is exactly the opposite of liquor.

 As Natsume Soseki became one with Heaven and named herself a feeling of forgetfulness that I had forgotten, if I liken this to my own way, I will become one with Heaven. It may be a place.

 So, if you have been read up to this point and are full of headaches with various worries and thoughts and are about to overflow your head, before you go to drugs, psychiatrists and self-help books In addition, I think that it is also a good idea to try meditation in the sense of stopping thought.

 However, some people seem to be unable to come back because they sometimes go into real meditation, so I recommend reading something like guidance first.

 It was Nakamura who knew that "thirst" in Zazen means not to wake up to sleep or to remind you to be lazy, but to use your physical power to kill your thoughts.
 see you