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Do you not worry about meditation?

 Nakamura, who was more lost when I wrote about meditation the other day.
Because after the last time, I received some questions.
 One of them was "Why can I be saved by cutting my thoughts?" It was certainly a bit short of words, so I will supplement it.


 It may be repeated, but people are thinking one after another, thinking, and worried about something. It's an endless thing that's always happening, except when you're lost and absorbed in something.
 The deeper you are, the more time you have to think about it, and the more you think of it.


 Using the technique of meditation, we artificially erase such thoughts that have come to mind before they become obsessed and unhelpful.
 In other words, it may be paraphrased to perform training to shut out so that the thinking does not progress further.


 In a familiar example, let's say you have the idea that you want to eat sweets. I will erase it immediately. If you can't erase it immediately after you've started, you will overwrite it with the thoughts that follow. And it's gone immediately.
 If you want to skip your studies, turn it off immediately. Immediately erase the feeling that "I want to see that child" (during meditation of course).


  Anyway, I will repeat erasing the thoughts that come up one after another. It is effective to do so in a quiet place and in a relaxed position.
 It may seem like you have to do Zazen, but basically I think you can wear any style. For example, I think it's okay to lie down and relax like Buddha of the Nirvana.
 In this way, first of all, by relaxing the body, focusing on only the thoughts that come up and erasing it, I gradually become able to consciously control it, gradually becoming a savage heavy body from sweet things. You can even erase problems.
 To put it in a big way, even feelings such as "I want to die", "I want to kill", "Hate", and  "Hate" can be erased as they come to mind.
 In other words, I artificially make me "null".


  And the important thing here is not to use stronger thoughts such as morality or any lessons of life to erase them.
 "I want to die", "I should live". "I don't want to kill." If you hit the opposite value from thinking "hate" like "Love you", instead of disappearing mysteriously, you will think more strongly and will be captured.
 People think about it. That is something I can't do. It is the end of the book that makes me think of it. Instead, they tend to want to die.Anyway, in the end, concentrate on eliminating thoughts.
 That is my meditation.

 If it goes further, you will be able to do it to some extent in your daily life.
If you don't like your job, turn it off immediately. If you think "this guy is a bad guy," erase it.

 Especially in everyday life, it is important to erase negative thoughts (because it does not make sense to erase something even though you thought it was good). To put it the other way around, fill it with an infinitely good idea. That may be important.
 Personally, I would like to finally avoid suffering from life-related illness and death. Of course, it's not annoying, it doesn't mean that we have abandoned thinking.


 People tend to put together troubles and thoughts. Meditation can eliminate the thoughts of distress, but cannot solve the problem.
 I can only think of it as another phrase. You have to think and think about how to find your own solution.


  However, meditation is to prevent unnecessary thoughts caused by just worries from bothering time and physical strength.
 Life and death are things that humans cannot escape. At the same time, it's something that you can't even think of. So I think there is a field called philosophy.
 I need to think, but I don't have to worry about fearlessly.


 I ponder the fear of life and death. I think that is the greatest suffering of human beings, and being free from unnecessary thoughts is liberation (sorry if different).
 Therefore, as I touched on the other day, I think that Daruma's continued zazen was because he wanted to quit wastelessly just to think about this problem.
 However, it is important to note that eliminating unnecessary thoughts is not a good thing to do.


 For example, if you die from overwork and erase your thoughts of pain, your body will scream first and you will actually die.
First of all, it is also dangerous to fill up with positive thoughts without quitting work or taking breaks.


 Therefore, at the next stage, it will be necessary to be able to determine what to delete and what to worry about. And if you can do that, it will be an advanced level of meditation.


 I can't explain the next stage from here because I am a very amateur. If we could do this, we wouldn't need the vast scriptures about meditation in various religions. All you can do is talk about everyday life.
 I'm not a Buddhist, so I don't particularly recommend Buddhism, but if you want to get to the highest level, and even to the unknown world above it, how to practice it is something written in a psychological specialist We encourage you to start from scratch with the Religious Code.


 Despite that, Nakamura was also a favorite of me, who was worried about various things.
 see you