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Time flow and New Year holidays

 The year 2019 is finally over. Was it a good year?

 Depending on the company, it seems that next week will be closed. This year, holidays are longer than usual due to the arrangement of days on the calendar.
I'm very sensitive to the seasons (season words) because I'm writing haiku, but I don't really care about calendar-like schedules such as weekends and holidays, so this year-end and New Year holidays are just long for me It's just a break.


 In this way, because I live everyday without being too aware of the day of the week, I often cannot remember what day of the month, year and day of the year.
Rather than that, it seems that there are many people who remember that it snowed just three days ago, or when you look at the sky, it will be cold tomorrow.


 I don't care about the day of the week. There is one thing that makes me wonder if it's only the way of dividing that came from the West.
The season words are basically based on the old calendar, so I would like you to return to the old calendar rather than the old calendar.


 Human beings tend to think that time is completely under control. Certainly, if you look at the clock and smartphone, you can immediately see what time it is and what time it is. Of course, if you look at the calendar, you can see how many days remain at the end of the year.


 However, can you say that it really controls? Even if we know the time now, time will continue to flow. And I never know what will happen a second ahead. An airplane may fall from the sky after 10 seconds and die.


 The past is fixed, but the future is uncertain. The day after Monday is Tuesday, but that Tuesday is not guaranteed to come to that person.
It is said that human beings are stable because they can grasp space and time. Animals other than humans do not have the notion of time. I don't even know what time it is (I'm sorry if I did).


 Sleep because I'm sleepy. I wake up because I want to wake up. When I am hungry, I want to eat something. Oh it's getting hot. It's getting cold. I think I live like that.
However, when it comes to sadness, I don't know the time, but I can say that I am free from the sadness of the flow of time.


 Human suffers from being anxious about the future and getting caught up in the wounds of the past, and suffering when he or she may get old or get sick just because he understands the flow of time.


 Then, to be free from this sadness, you cannot completely forget the time like animals. However, I feel free to forget about the flow of time.
The best-selling book by Carlo Rovelli, "Time Doesn't Exist", is a book about physical time, not time about this flow of consciousness. I think it can be applied.


 It is to think that time does not exist consciously.
Specifically, other people (society) can calculate their own age from their birth date on the family register and just say that you are XX years old. And then I completely abandon my thinking about how old I am, how old my average life is, and how much more I can live. Then, at least within myself, I will not be old.


 I mentioned earlier that time cripples people, but people think like this. You have to live up to a hundred years old, how old you should be and what to do. What you can and cannot do when you are 20 years old.


 What if society quits measuring everything with age in order to be free from the constraints of time (though the world is gradually becoming so)?
Even if I look around, I think that the fact that all first graders entering high school are in the same year is quite a strange sight if you think a little.


 I think that it is good for new enrollment students to be mixed with a 30-year-old man who entered the high school after a dozen times and an old man after retirement.
 I think that the norms, customs, and systems that are decided by age are the factors that cause the difficulty of living in the society of this country where homogeneity is most important.


 If the homogeneity goes too far, there is a tendency to become a society where one failure is not allowed, as there is a way to say that even a university entrance examination is straight admission.


 Again, the retirement age, the age at which the pension is paid, and the average life expectancy are merely ideas of one-sided time imposed by society.
I think that the accuracy of the current time is convenient, but I do not think it necessary to force myself.


 You may adopt the lunar calendar to celebrate the New Year's celebration in February, or you may adopt a slightly tighter Islamic calendar. Even if you don't have to sleep every day, you can just sleep once every two days, or conversely, you can stay asleep all the time.


 Of course, if you are an ordinary worker, you may not be able to say such a silly thing. However, introducing it to the extent possible within an individual and making a flow of time that is comfortable for me is a surprisingly pleasant and interesting way of life.

 You do not have to adjust to your own time. Grab the flow of your own time. I think that is the rule of time.
50 years old is still young. So you have to live. The 30-year-old died young. The idea itself makes people stuffy.


 Even during the year-end and New Year holidays of this year, one social common language is 31st of the symbol of 2019 and January 1st, 2020, which was decided by someone somewhere at the end of the year. There is nothing.
It would be fun to think that it has no meaning in itself.


 Saying that, it was Nakamura who thought that it was not bad for me to look at the coming years and to think about next year while drinking alcohol in the kotatsu.

 see you