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 People must live without talking. Of course, it is not limited to words, but also includes body language including gestures. It can be paraphrased as a statement of intention.
  And, in the most standard wording, of course, first of all, you have to share the same language with the other party. If you imagine a cat as a dog, you end up there. Now that the translation app has evolved, it doesn't matter much, but it is based on a common language.
  When the conversation begins, one begins speaking, and after listening for a while, the other party answers. It is performed in turn. This is the rule of conversation. Basically, humans do not listen at the same time. It's time to fight (that is, keep talking unilaterally).
  And one speaks. That is to say. A good person speaks with a start and end. This is the same rule as Honorifics.
  Then, as the conversation continues, understand the other person a little deeper than before. Getting better or worse is only one result.
  What happens if you don't tell anyone, including the letters? How well can others understand that person? People cannot have emotions in things they cannot understand. Limited even if you can. Only be afraid of ghosts.
   And hope that others will be understood by others. Especially if you want to get to know them. I want to understand more. This is a desire and a basic thought of a person.
However, as people grow older, they gradually bring in various measures to understand others. Age, gender, looks, education, how to talk, atmosphere. It's like a resume.
  It is different when I am small. More direct and honest. Like or dislike, don't you like it? Words are often secondary. There is no room for a resume.
  But, of course, not all children are. A delicate and shy person is, of course, difficult for other children to understand. So, I'll try to talk in another way. Some sports, expressions, and people take the form of violence.
  But it doesn't change when you grow up. Even if you learn the language, understand the rules of society, and think that you understand each other well to some extent, there are quite a few people who are not able to do it well.
  Such people have always felt difficult to live. I always have the feeling that one skin is sandwiched between others. And I have the frustration that I can't remove the skin. And I tend to blame it for myself. It's because I'm strange and missing something.
  But it just doesn't tell you well. To speak really well requires training, unlike anyone who can do it. It can't be helped by knowledge and experience.
  And where to learn it? You may laugh, but I think that literature is the most appropriate.   As you know, most of the literary works consist of conversation and text of the earth.   And, in fact, I feel that the ratio of conversation and sentence of the earth applies to conversation in the real world and others.

  People who have a lot of conversation naturally have few parts of the ground. And those who have many parts of the ground (in the mind and on the spot) have less conversation.
  Only literary works can learn the balance. It is impossible in movies and theaters. Proust's "In Search of Lost Time" consists mostly of earthly text. Proust, the author, was a person who continued to write novels while staying in Cork's room. Naturally, he must have been quiet in society.
  Of course, seeking direct utility in literature may be nonsense, but if you are not good at talking to others, you can try to imitate the way the characters of the work have the right proportion of conversation and ground. I think it's good.
  By the way, I learned how to speak from Thomas Mann's work. However, the conversation has made it easier for others to understand.
Isn't it finally possible to get below the average of people?
 see you