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Look for Yutaka Ozaki

 I watched a movie yesterday. "Look for Yutaka Ozaki." This movie is a work that I have been looking forward to very much since I learned about making a film about Yutaka Ozaki.

 As for the evaluation, it would be nice if you could watch the movie reviews online, but in a word it was bad.
I always try to think about a movie after it's seen to the end, but this was the one and only movie I wanted to sit on.

 The severity of the content is as per the review, but the most irritating thing was that I didn't really understand Yutaka Ozaki, a genius of a bad career. In other words, I do not love.

 I think that a documentary film that targets a particular person can only fall in love with that person or, on the contrary, hate it. This director did not feel any love or hatred for the existence of Yutaka Ozaki, which must be valued most. However, I could only see a sense of distance, such as the people who were talked about and a little interested.

  I still like Yutaka Ozaki even in good years. At the time of his death, as a company employee, I was so shocked to know about Yutaka Ozaki's death that he couldn't stay still until he reached his apartment in Kitasenju, where he was said to have stopped working and lived at the time. Going (it was already crowded with fans, and he was recruited many times by police), and at a later date, he left the company again and lined up at the memorial ceremony of Gokokuji (thinking in a long queue in the cold rain) Triggered her to quit her first job.)

 I'm so proud of Yutaka Ozaki's fondness among the fans that he's been famous for writing anyway, and he wanted to talk to Yutaka Ozaki someday, and he worked hard to encourage it. Anyway, I was disappointed.

 Returning to the movie, Yutaka Ozaki was certainly a young guru. Looks good, lyrics good, melody good, message good. It was a perfect locker. In the movie, it was certainly expressed in the foreground. But this is too thin.

 If Yutaka Ozaki had died before going to New York, he would have ended up with just one of the old charisma. As shown at the beginning of the movie, the junior and senior high school students were left as singers of "I Love You" and must have been really forgotten.

 But I want to say that most of his value comes from New York, where he was drugged.
In his first return, he sang the `` Shards of the Sun '' on a program called Hit Studios on Wednesday, when he was on Wednesday. (I'm sorry a little bit maniac, I saw this video on videotape, so now on YouTube)

 And release the two-disc CD "Birth". In it he sings, "I'm always here, even if you can't see anything.

 This is it. That's all.

 It was the moment when a person who had been ridiculed as a teenage guru until a while ago became a true guru in front of fans who love him. It's the moment of winning everlasting eternity.

 Eventually he paid tribute to a famous actress at the time (and still?), Her sensitivities. Nothing more resonated with him, especially about celebrating Yutaka Ozaki as "comrade" for himself. In the song "Someone's horn", "I feel like I was looking for it together.") I refused, issued a "proof of heat dissipation" and looked back on the dirty bonds, and in the song He mourns his mother, and in loneliness, dies as if to commit suicide. It must have been the most important thing to be portrayed in the film, embodying the guru's, or even the guru's, tragedy poet.

 Yutaka Ozaki was a locker. But, to be honest, he is not a locker in essence. He was too serious to live, as he used to teach his children karate and write in novels if he could not sing in his later years. I was too kind to be a stray dog. And he was too smart to be called a fool. So it's not rock and roller in the sense he said.

 In short, he was going to become a novelist from a guru (it was strictly speaking; he has everything, including his book, Ordinary Love). His own way of life was a story, but he was beginning to tell his story in the story. Just tell the story as the title of this blog.

 Even with the title “Looking for Yutaka Ozaki,” the film may have had one end, as a result of suffering, a novelist was born.

 This is a common word, but if Yutaka Ozaki was alive, I believe that he could become a leading writer from the guru. That's one of the answers I've searched for Yutaka Ozaki, and I've been searching for it all the time.

 I talked a little bit longer and hotter than usual, but please forgive me that the movie was too severe.

 And I want somebody to make a movie, "Search for the real Yutaka Ozaki" someday. I hope so hard now.

 see you