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It all started with Family Computer

 It is said that Kagawa Prefecture is considering enacting the "Game Regulations". Intellectuals have said variously that they are violating the Constitution or go against Cool Japan, but the one I was worried about was Takahashi Master. Nowadays, it may not be easy to hear even if you hear Mr. Takahashi, but I don't think anyone in our age knows it. Even if you don't know who you are, I think you've heard the name, by the way, it's not Serizawa Meiji (Takeshi Corps).
I hope you can look at his career and opinions on the net, but Mr. Takahashi is a pioneer of professional gamers who now says by the technique of high-speed hits and other supernatural skills when the NES appeared in the world. It is a presence.
  I like games a lot. Once in the neighborhood of the supermarket on the second floor, he went to Gessen and used all of the new year's balls (of which tens of thousands of yen were knotted by the Yankee) and went into Galaxian, Xebius, and Donkey Kong. Even at home, my parents broke blocks and started playing games on stationary game consoles called Arcadia (I don't know). A few years later, Family Computers (Famicom) finally appear.
 I knew this, and I was desperate to want a NES, so I bought a part-time job during the summer vacation of a freshman in high school. And for the first time, I bought a game called Spartan X, Super Mario, and Dragon Quest II. In particular, you can say that you bought NES because Drakue wanted to do it.
Nowadays, you can play on your smartphone, but at that time, role-playing games were done on PCs. It can be done through the TV screen. It was revolutionary. There was no shortage of children (although Spar Mario didn't do much and his sister was better).
絵 The picture of Akira Toriyama was good, but the story was good. The opening theme song of a flashy fanfare (it's really cool to hear now, it's similar to watching a Star Wars movie), and some background music with some pity. All conditions for adventure were complete.

  I'm a writer, but I liked playing games as much as reading a book, so there were times when I decided to become a game writer. He has written adventure stories like Dragon Quest and applied for sweepstakes. Anyway, for me the game was a rolling playing game. Needless to say, role-playing games helped to make the story.
A while ago, a book was talked about that everything was learned from Drakue, but it was not exaggerated, but I think that it was a common consciousness of those who did Drakue at that time.
  I will write the story of Drakue on another occasion, but the screen of Drakue is just like the Windows screen, which is what we now call. That's why it blended in without any discomfort when Windows 95 came out.
   There is no NES before the NES, and there is no NES after the NES. The NES was just a family computer that the whole family could play.
   After a little derailment, I will return to the Kagawa Prefecture's game regulations ordinance, but I can not believe that the game is just as bad as the unconstitutional one.   When I was a student, I spent less time studying at Dorakue, spared time while sleeping, my grades dropped, and my eyesight might have dropped.
  But, like most RPGs, the hero is basically good and the bad are evil. Then train yourself and defeat the bad guys. In the process, thinking about justice and what we can do for the world was an invaluable time for me.
  However, the years have passed since then, and we are able to live normally as a member of society. The game was not harmful or helpless to the real world. On the contrary, Dorakue, Final Fantasy, Nobunaga's ambitions, and the Three Kingdoms, the knowledge and experience gained from these, have been quite useful in social life.
  To prevent addiction, it's the same for novels, movies, and cartoons. It's entertainment because it's so addictive that it depends. And I think games are one of the fine arts. So the above-mentioned ordinance is like saying that the time to see a picture is one minute a day.
   It may be hard to understand what you got so engrossed in your dependence and what you got, because it is certainly not in shape. But I think that what I got is an irreplaceable treasure. As long as one cannot live without relying on something, those who say such restrictions must be vulgar people who do not understand the art at all and do not understand the art.

  Non-portable game consoles such as the NES have surrendered to smartphones. Perhaps the billing game has gone mainstream, but it's clear that the NES has created some of the more mature sensations of today.
  That is, it all started with the NES. I wrote a pretty geeky name this time, because I couldn't control the homage to each of those games.
  I've written up to this point, and I want to do dragon quest again (currently, I'm adventuring dragon quest on PS4). The story continues.
  see you