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After all Walt Disney

 I haven't seen a recent Disney movie (although the Star Wars I saw recently is also Disney) for the most part, including Anna Snow. This is simply a matter of likes and dislikes, but it has deep respect for its founder, Walt Disney. And I am deeply interested in that life. I am mainly writing children's literature, but I have a deep empathy for Disney's dreams and attempts to make it happen.
   I've read a few biographies so far, but after all, I think he's one of those people who, like me, possesses "telling". He spent his entire life using Mickey Mouse and other animation tools to delight children. And finally, the realization of Disneyland, the end of my story (and then trying to build a town), was realized in the world.
   If he's one of the animators, he may not have paid much respect. Anyway, it was great to struggle to realize my story, and to make it a great success. I would like to send the greatest compliments as the creator of the same story (I know enough to say that I am very upset).
  It is the ultimate goal of those who have learned the pleasure of making a story. There are some challenges in dedicating my life to my literature, and one of them, Futaba-tei Shito, throws it at the world's literary scholars. He thinks that it is one of the answers to the question "literature is absolutely powerless against severe reality."
  Story, one of the tools, "writing a novel," was unfortunate, curse, and some writers said that if they couldn't write it, they wouldn't have done it. I do not think so.
  If you don't want to affirm the existence of a novelist in one piece, but are keen to express something, you are most likely to have a complex with reality. Few people will be able to adapt well. At the same time, those who remain intact with reality are not suitable as novelists in the first place. That's why I think of fancy. Escape there.
  If it accumulates, you will eventually want to appeal something to society. "Recognize my existence" and "listen to my story." One of them turns into a desire to write novels.
  The results vary from hobby to daily comfort, to self-reliance. In any case, the common thing is to show the imaginary castle you have created in the real world, whether it is a novel or a cartoon, or to put up your own flag, if you wish, to make everyone look up.
  A while ago, you declared that "Ryohiro Nishino surpasses Disney", but I think that is an extension of that idea (Nishino may be a little more realist than Disney).
In other words, it means that the creator who feels helpless about reality wants to conquer the reality in front of himself with his own power and conquer it. As his words "I want to go over", Walt Disney is a testimony to the one and only thing that has achieved it. Is also a means of desire to make it happen).
   When I was young and unknown, I once or twice sought to exceed Disney when I was drunk. I've even sent my own scenario to Studio Ghibli with the help of momentum. As such, his presence was a big, great goal and at the same time a wall. That Hayao    Miyazaki also mentions Walt Disney and says words about the work. It can be said that he has always been aware of its existence.
  In the biography I read, from the windows of the Disneyland attractions I made, I saw children playing happily in the dusk when the park was closing, and I was surrounded by a sense of happiness I had never felt before (I think).
  I understand that happiness well. At the same time I feel irresistible longing. If I can enjoy those moments even before I die, I think that is my desire. And that happiness is not another special thing, and various writers have expressed it in his work so far.
  Holden of Salinger's “Catch in the rye field”. An episode in which Ryokan plays with the children. And even if it's not a piece, it's a feeling that an old man is watching his grandchildren play in a house he has built.
  How far can you go beyond "telling"? What do you do and what kind of scenery can you see? Is it happiness or labour? Will my life be exhausted by then? I want to go to where I can go anyway. The name of Walt Disney always inspires me to remember that. Even if it only saw its name on the recent Star Wars end rolls.
  But at the moment, I haven't captured Walt Disney's feet, or even the back of Nishino (supporting you).
see you