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Are you going around power spots?

 The word "power spot" has been firmly established all over the world, and power spot tours are still popular. Even in TV programs and magazines, there are shrines, temples, sacred mountains, and sacred places. Not only are they covered in various places, but there are even bus tours.


 Some of my friends like to visit power spots, but there are probably more people in the world than I imagine.
 I don't mean to make a fool of people who like to visit such power spots, but I don't believe in such benefits at all.


 Even so, when a friend tells me, "If you touch this stone, you will benefit from it." I will not make strange reasons or refuse stubbornly. It's not about making a claim for losing friendship.


 On the contrary, I also make some wishes. I don't believe it, but maybe it's beyond human intelligence and may really benefit. It's a different story from believing and not believing. You wouldn't say that you don't split power because you don't believe in power spots either.


 However, sometimes you can see a person praying seriously and praying near the stone, which is said to have such benefits, so that he or she will look like a living god. I've even seen people prostrating on gravel.


 Of course, I think some of these people are unhappy because of serious illness and unreasonable fate, but I think that only TVs and magazines will make you profit. Many people will be visiting just because they are there.
 It is said that there are also tours that take a day to visit the power spots around the area.
 Listening to such a story makes me feel a little strange.


 The power spots for such people are "to pass the test" and "to help luck (money and work)" even though they are grateful and respectful to God and spirits. Or, most of the content would be to make a real profit, such as "Let's make a lover."


 I went around power spots by tours and thought the same real profit each time, I am a little wondering what I do not think. In the first place, what is said to be saved without thinking about what is salvation?
To be honest, it seems a bit of an act to just go around these power spots and just go for the real profit. In a similar example, it's the same as you're fighting for your favorite clothes at a bargain shop in a department store.


 There may be as much benefit as you wish, just as you got your favorite clothes. I do not completely deny that possibility. Some people may have really been saved by visiting power spots.
 Even so, is it nice to be saved by an external factor called the power spot? Are you glad that the money came in? Are you happy to have a lover? Even if you go to thank you after coming true, do you really understand which power spot? If it was a power spot that made my wish come true, I'm sure it would be annoying.


 I think, for example, how to make money, how much money you need, what you should do for that, and what should you throw away, even if you take a single fortune. I think that the real pleasure of living is to decide all of it under your own responsibility.
Pilgrimage to power spots is like throwing away the real pleasure of life. The more serious you ask for a power spot, the more you're giving someone the handling of your life.


 Such people will probably come to power spots and shrines again when new challenges come.
The story gets a little bigger, but I think the power spot is ultimately about whether or not there is a god. I don't think I have a god or not.
 I don't really understand, but more strictly speaking, I think it's close to the feeling of “Ikamo-ne”.


 Regarding the existence of God, I leave it to philosophical reasoning, but I am not the philosopher's cant, but I think that all unrecognizable beings can be done with two words: "will be" or "may be". .. Beyond that, everything is just fantasy, a story.


 Even for power spots, I don't really want to make my worries and suffering and life, death and death easier.
By any chance, I will refuse even if an all-purpose god appears in front of me and I am told to make it easier (although I do not know if I am quite mentally weak).


 I think that there are many people who are serious about touring power spots and are basically friendly. I think there are many people who are sick and want to recover somehow or who want to recover after being hurt.
So, again, I don't deny visiting God's power spots with a god-like feeling, but it's a waste of something to leave life handling to something else. I feel.


 If, in reality, you have debts and you do not want to go out of control, if you just want to get money, consider self-bankruptcy. If you have power harassment and depression, you can quit. For real problems, I think the first thing to do is to think about realistic means.


 Of course, it is easy to put it into words, and you can understand that you can't do it, but the troubles that occur in reality can only be solved in reality.
And when you can solve that problem with your own hands and if you can change your life with it, by telling the experience of that person, you will surely be like a power spot that can influence and guide someone. I think I will get it.


 In other words, once you become a power spot, you don't have to spend money and time to go around the power spot.
 Despite that, Nakamura was always happy when he went to the shrine and drew his fortune.
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