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Who reads haiku on Twitter?

 While doing this blog, on Twitter, I am posting haiku imitating Taneda Santoka's "Santoka". I'm a little embarrassed, so I've decided to sneak a tweet in the early morning.
I think there is an opinion that if you are embarrassed, do not post it, but as I will explain later, it is Twitter in the first place, but it was quite a while ago that I started doing it.


 At that time, I was doing it with a different account. Every day, I retweeted current affairs news and celebrity gossip articles, and actively expressed my theory.
Because I was doing it quite seriously, I feel that there were a decent number of followers.


 By the way, if you're a Twitter user and you've buzzed or received a lot of likes, you'll know that the pleasure at that time is considerable, and once you taste it, it's not a drug. I'm addicted to it.


 In that case, I would like to increase the number of followers, and unknowingly, even if I was not conscious of buzzing, I would gradually start to tweet radically. At least I was.
As a result, there was a dispute on Twitter with the person who made the rude reply. I also spent half a day trying to defeat it.


 However, one day when I was gradually tweeting radically, I suddenly noticed. "What the hell is this going to be?" Instead of killing my spare time, I thought it was just a spill of words. And I deeply regret it.


 Twitter is different from blogs, and after an hour, tweets will flow far away from Time Iran. Half a day of quarrels, elaborate self-discussion, nifty retweets, likes. It will be a thing of the past in an instant. And most of them will never be read back.


 That's the characteristic of Twitter. But one day, it seemed irresistibly empty to me. At the same time, all of the past tweets seemed awkwardly embarrassing, and I immediately deleted the entire account. All the followers are par (although it seems that they can be restored within half a year).


 For several years after that, I didn't do Twitter at all. I haven't seen it anymore and have completely forgotten it. I was wondering if I would feel a sense of loss, but on the contrary, it was refreshing and did not cause any problems in my life.


 Then time passed and I launched my first blog. I started Twitter again in an attempt to get readers to an unpopular blog.
 I wanted to use Twitter for blogging, but in the end I fell into the exact same situation as last time. When I noticed, I was only doing Twitter.


 I was naturally overwhelmed by the number of followers. And the text has become rough as the blog is pulled. It became difficult to think about the material, and in order to attract the reader's attention, I often chose scandals of entertainers and the dissolution of popular idol groups as topics. It's a straight line to corruption again.


 And, as usual, the emptiness suddenly struck. The blog itself became embarrassing, and this time I deleted my account along with Twitter. This is the second term.And a few more years later, when I decided to start blogging again, I vowed that I would never step on the previous rut.


 The reason why I started again is because I happened to see an article in the newspaper that I called, saying that in university education (not only the university but all curriculums), liberal arts subjects, especially the Faculty of Letters, are unnecessary for higher education.


 It was the beginning that I felt angry at this. For me, I firmly believe that literature is the most wonderful thing in the world and that it can be a useful discipline in real life.It is not unclear that literature is not something you learn at university. But it's a story in the creative world, and I believe it's worth teaching literature at university. I wanted to overturn the prevalence of these superficial opinions that literature is of no use to real life.


 On the contrary, I wanted to insist that literature should be taught at university, and that philosophy, religion, and law are even the pinnacle of scholarship (although it may be a little overstated) that covers all liberal arts subjects.


 Literature, as some people think, can be a prescription for improving people and living well, rather than confusing or corrupting them.For that reason, as a minor novel that decided to devote my life to literature, tell as much as possible that even if you can not succeed, you can be happy enough from regret by being struck by literature. I thought it was a good idea.


 Osamu Dazai also said. "Literature can be a lifelong job for boys, even for girls," says girls, though ...


 What I want to say on my blog is, "Literature is wonderful, why don't you try it too?"And I wonder if this has something to do with Twitter, but the reason why I put up a haiku that I know to be Hebo is because I wanted a bond to warn myself that I would soon become vulgar.


 If you mutter, at the very least, let's cherish words. At least trying to make something that could be a work of art. So I'm sure Twitter is rarely read. It's like an advertisement on a telephone pole in the mountains.


 However, there is no shape. When I was looking for the right shape, I thought that the style of the diary literature "Santoka" of the beloved Taneda Santoka was good. At the end of writing what happened every day, it is a style that describes some studies of free-form haiku. He says at the beginning of that note: It's a little long, but I'll quote it.


 "The diary must be recognized as a human record, from the first letter to the last letter, with a flesh pen containing blood ink, and through the person's lifestyle, the person's feelings of life remain intact. If it is projected in a brilliant manner, it has enough artistic value. ”I was impressed with the word and decided to imitate it.


 So, no matter how embarrassing it may be, I'm going to post a haiku haiku along with a tweet of my little life feelings that no one is interested in.


 While saying that, it was Nakamura who retweeted with comments even if it was said that he was annoyed by the tweets of his favorite followers.
 see you