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About haiku

 I like making bad haiku. It's very hobby, so it's a distraction level. I posted it on Twitter the other day, but it's actually on Instagram. Both are less responsive than expected. It is natural. Even if you have a haiku on Twitter, you can go through it.
Nevertheless, the reason why I continue to write haiku is because I read the inner narrow path of Basho Matsuo. It's a bit off-topic, but I've always been a fan of Ryotaro Shiba's series on the road, and I liked reading instead of actually reading it and looking at the Google Map Street View.
 I happened to apply it to the inner narrow path. So far, a haiku that was a little sensationally far into the distance came into the body smoothly. It was a strange feeling. I feel like I can really hear the sound of the cicada and the frog jumping in the haiku. I realized that sight was an unexpectedly important factor.

  At the same time, if I was following the landscape that Matsuo Basho would have seen, I also wanted to say something. The poem was good, but I felt it was a bit long. Waka is short, but still long. So a haiku similar to a tweet and a sigh seemed perfect.
And it was fun and I started making haiku. Of course the workmanship is very terrible. Not only Basho Okina but even his apprentice Kawai Sora could laugh.

  And it happened when we were taking a real walk. Flowers and clouds that had been missed so far came into my eyes. And there was one who took pictures and stopped and made haiku.

 In a book written by a photographer, I finally realized that when asked why I take a picture, I said, "To enjoy the wonders of the world more."

 Photos and haiku may be different. But I think it's the same in finding beauty in casual landscapes. And it has become clear that the beauty of the world can be fully felt just by looking at nearby rivers, parks and skies, without having to go to famous scenic spots.
I think that a way of living like Nomad and making money with success are one of the ways to live and realize, but not just that, there are moments where you can fully realize the feeling in a walk think.

 No one can live like a nomad. (In the past, there was a time when I longed for a way of life like Takagi Takashi and Daisuke Square.)
I will talk about Nomad on another occasion, but I think there is pleasure in moving itself, but I also think that there are pleasures that can not be moved at the same time and can be enjoyed only in a slow pace even if moved. You.

 Most people have a job or a family, and people who practice Nomad or those who like the way of life like Horiemon, but ultimately can't move from that place.
Use the words "dream", "freedom", "favorite things", "do not overdo it", "personality", etc., and ultimately wind up the money, by inspiring the feelings of immobile people The old people called them "soccers" for those who just said.

  The only way to get rid of those words and to avoid being deceived by those approaching is to find your own joy of living in this immobile environment.

 Billing games are also good for some people. It would be nice to pop at Disneyland. Alcohol is also good. However, such pleasures given from outside are endless. There is always a top above.

 The fact that there is a top means that there are people who made it. And it is a mechanism that makes the person who made it profitable. I don't mean that it's bad, I think it's an eternal craving that's where we've sought endless outside pleasure. I do not hate the way of life in pursuit of it, but ...

 However, if you grow older, feel the limits of your potential, and live in an environment where you can't move, it would be fun to try haiku and other things.

  When you find an early blooming plum in a residential area and stop, and you can describe this beauty in words, it's the same as finding a new world. And it may be a little, but I think it will lead to a feeling of living enough.

 Of course, if you are a master of haiku, you may think that amateurs are stumping, but the nature of trying to find the joy of living in the hardship of living is not only haiku and photography. I think it is common in all arts.

  The person who can do Nomad is a hard worker who is impressed after being a hard worker.
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