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Nomad Life and Diet

 Last time, I touched Nomad, but to be honest, there was a time when I longed for Nomad for a while. A way of life that finds value in traveling itself, from journey to journey. Like the equestrian people of Mongolia.

 Nomad people say. By moving, you bring new discoveries. The history of mankind is the history of movement.

 Indeed, humans may still be hunting in Africa by now if there is no movement. The act of overcoming more livable storms, traversing unexplored lands, and finding a new paradise may be, in a sense, a natural act of human beings.

 At the same time, they will be discarded, surrounded by a minimum of things, living a minimal life, and in some cases will continue to travel with little possession.

 Mr. Tsuyoshi Takashiro and Daisuke Square have presented ways of life that embody it. New lifestyle. This is a theme that will continue to be in the spotlight, regardless of the twentieth century.

  Many people complain or complain about their lives. If you don't go to work and go to school, you don't want to live with this person anymore.

  At that time, the behavior of the person who embodies the Nomad is fascinating and attractive. I wish I could. After all, freedom.

 It is a word that is more effective for those who are dissatisfied.

 As a worker who also earns money other than writing, the word "free" has always been a meaningful word I wanted to get.

 I would like to talk about this "freedom" on another occasion, but if I let myself be free to live without being bound by anything, it would be difficult Is the opposite life.

 From trip to trip. Travel around the world, visit different countries, make friends with many people and make friends. Experience various values ​​and learn about the world.

 That's excellent. It would be fruitful and fun to live this kind of life.

 And for those who present the ultimate nomad, it's neither reckless nor impossible.

 Everyone can do it if they take the courage and take a step.

 I simply thought so. They aren't as thorough as they can, but they can live close to it.

  I was susceptible, so I immediately sorted things out and digitized the book. Clothes should be kept to a minimum and thrown away. Work and private work can be done with just a smartphone and a personal computer. When you go out, just one iPhone.

 I have thought about car sharing for cars (I still think about it). I have studied whether I can somehow obtain permanent residence in the United States.

  Anything binds people. I abandoned the thing and thought so. When I became lighter, my feelings became easier. As it is, I thought that I could write while living a hotel here and there.

 But at some point, I thought that Nomad might be the same as a radical diet, which was strange. If you keep going as it is, something somehow will be fatally damaged someday.
Dieting is a good thing in the sense that you lose weight. Your body becomes lighter, your food expenses rise, and your appearance changes. And I'm looking forward to losing weight and just losing weight.

 However, some people run too much on a diet, and are afraid of eating themselves, and some people become anorexic or anemic.

 In other words, if you go nomad, you will certainly get freedom and freedom. You might be Daisuke Square, Go Takagi, and Ken Honda. You may be a top runner who proposes a new lifestyle.

 But at one point, I reached a limit, like a person who suffered from anorexia nervosa. He had to eat organic food, quit eating bad oils and meats, pay attention to his health, and start running in the morning while aiming for a nomadic life.

 One day, I was exhausted from the core and found myself not fun at all. This is the same as an intense diet. But isn't it simply pursuing the efficiency of life, that is, wasting waste for freedom and simply being convenient? This is not a diet, but rather the current state of Japan. If you put the word "economic development" instead of freedom, you can use it as it is.

 The story has grown, but karoshi is still continually occurring in this country. And not only in the case of Nomad, but also in the diet, if you adjust yourself for a single concept and forcibly bend, you will end up with karoshi, and in the case of Nomad, mental karoshi.

  That was the reason for the fatigue.

 Of course, some people may have a nomad lifestyle that suits their personality. I think some people have been saved by a new lifestyle.

 However, I think that those who say so are physically limited people. If you are really chubby, and you want to get more benefit from those who meet you both mentally and physically, but you want to recommend a diet just for money, the last time I wrote the last time I think.

 The story suddenly jumps, but the way of life, like a tea teacher on a `` everyday good day '' of Japanese film, settling in one place and gradually securing freedom in everyday life, is actually I think it is an old and new life tile that fits many people.

 My stomach has come out lately and I was sensitive to the word diet.
see you.