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After all Apple

 This blog is written using JustSystems Ichitaro. The PC is a Microsoft Surface Pro I bought last year.

 However, he really sits in front of the desk. I wanted to write on iMac. There is also a laptop MacBook beside it. The mobile phone is an iPhone. Just surrounded by Apple products. If you look from the side, you will look like Apple.

 But it is a surface. The reason is simply that "Ichitaro cannot be used". It seems that there was Ichitaro for Mac in the past, but it is not sold now.

 I personally think that Ichitaro is the best Japanese word processor. So I was struggling to use Ichitaro in a Mac environment somehow. I have created a virtual area using the software called parallel in iMac and put Windows in it.

 However, I think that some people who read this have the same experience, no matter how much iMac is the best spec, every time Windows is updated, it becomes slow like a personal computer in BC, Sometimes, it freezes and suspicious behavior. You have exceeded the limits of stress and patience.

 And, after all, I was forced to choose Ichitaro or Mac, so I chose to use Mac. So I started looking for a Mac word processor app from scratch. Ward, egword Universal2 that Haruki Murakami used, itext, Scrivener, Hagoromo, etc. I tried what I thought was good one after another.

 But all have their advantages and disadvantages. It did not reach Ichitaro's total perfection. What's critically different is that it doesn't work for vertical document styles.
It may be that your own way is just bad, such as the page turning jerky or not being displayed continuously, but it does not work well. I tried each one and repeatedly setbacks. I spent a lot of money and time just sorting this software.

 Finally, I decided to give up writing on my Mac. It is a complete withdrawal. However, if you decide on a Windows environment, the rest is easy. The best design, the current surface close to the Mac was decided smoothly.

 So, right now, I'm striking a surface keyboard while looking sideways at the beautiful iMac and MacBook at my desk. And at times, I feel asexually empty.
Well, why did you like Apple products in the first place? That's a common reason because I like Steve Jobs. As for his greatness, given to Jobs's blog, my favorite thing is his famous speech at the graduation ceremony at Stanford University.

 The phrase "Hungry or fool" is famous, but I was particularly impressed by the
"Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't be trapped by dogma -which is living with the results of other people's thinking. Don't let the noise of others' opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary."

 2005When the speech became famous in 2005, it didn't really affect me. However, 15 years later, when I heard this phrase again, I suddenly woke up. Oh, trying to write a novel. Let's scream in shame that literature is wonderful.

 And to tell that, I started a blog I didn't even look at before. SNS was also started
If you look at Apple products, you can always remember and inspire this feeling. I've never seen such a combination of a person's philosophy, tools and artistic art (though a car may be the same).

 It made me want to live among these things if I lived with great effort.

 That's why I like Apple products because they reflect Steve Jobs' feelings and thoughts. As I know it was the first person to turn everyday tools into art.

 Of course, there may be some industrial products that have brought aesthetics to date. But I think he was the first to go so deeply and create a new world.

  I think there's something similar to Walt Disney mentioned earlier. How much of the highest world you have seen can be reduced to reality. Present more levels than ordinary people think. That is just wonderful. It is sometimes said that he is a weird or perfectionist, but I think all of that product will be a chara.

  You can create something that impresses people, even if it's overflowing around. He taught it. That means that even the smallest words can change the world if you are enthusiastic. A long story might change more people's feelings.
When you use Apple products, you feel like this, and it is said that you will never be distracted.

 Although I said, I was thinking recently that the design of the surface wasn't too bad.
 see you