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The strongest Mote "Popular" theory

 A friend from college had once advocated the concept of "Mote theory."
The theory is simple. "People are divided into two types.

  It seems that the theory was conceived in junior high school, verified in high school, and completed in college.

 And the end of the theory is as follows.

 "If you're not motivated, I won't deal with you."

 This theory was always shown at competitions and drinking parties, and at the same time, it became very exciting, and at the same time, it was terribly frowned and angry by those who were judged not to be mote. Of course. Because you are stigmatized as worthless to me. I couldn't ignore it. I've seen women sprinkle with wine fancyly. Still he was utterly confused.

 If an ordinary man did this, he wouldn't be able to live very normally, but he was a good person to allow him to cast the theory of mote. He had a Johnny's face, was charming, and was very popular with women. He spoke well in addition to the theory of Mote, and witnessed many times that the face of the woman I was talking to was getting better little by little at the time of the party. Then, because they suddenly bring out Mote theory, their opponents get angry or make excuses.

 The criteria are not just looks, family, position, or honor. It's just mote or not. It was the same for men and women. No matter how beautiful she was, she wouldn't say a word if she judged that she wasn't hot.

 Sometimes, those who were determined not to be popular were angry and began to dispute. But he was never defeated, no matter how drunk he was.
Therefore, "Mote theory" was also called "invincible theory".

 He uses Todome's words when it comes to controversy. "That's why I don't have mote."

  And the other party was silent. Or made an excuse.

 In other words, people get angry when they are told the truth, because he knows best whether he is popular.

 Every day, the guy who is hot is always moped. Those who are not motivated are not motivated. He said that even if the Mote period would happen by chance, it was only a grace of God, and we would appreciate it.

 And he actually only made friends with those whom he determined to be popular. His friends who were delighted to be mote formed a mote corps around him, forming the upper class of school caste in college. The appearance of their roaming on the main road on campus was reminiscent of charismatic hosts wandering down the streets of Kabukicho, which was popular a while ago.

 He didn't defend him, but he didn't hate or betray him just because he didn't. You just say that you live in a different world, and just think you're a different world's resident, like the natives of Africa.

  At the same time, because I happen to be in the present era, I knew that if this was the Edo era, or even the primordial era, I might not have had any at all. So there was no place to be arrogant.

  Even nowadays, the theme of not being hot is a naive, serious problem, and it is surprising that I get older. If you want to be liked by subordinates or bosses in your company, it can be said that there is no motivation.

 And about "Moteitai", there are many books and you can get as much information as you search online. And with that information in mind, those who are not motivated to change themselves. If you can't change yourself, a better university, a better company, more money. Attempt to cover with external factors.

 He said he could make such an effort, but at the time he thought it was an act that would make him even less motivated. The motes obtained by external factors always come when the plating comes off. Hot guys don't make an effort. It is only polished naturally.

 They looked at them with a cool face as they struggled desperately. I wasn't very close friends because there were some shallow places, but after hearing this theory, I was often impressed that it was surprisingly deep.

 Mote theory is invincible because it is only the subjectivity of those who say it. There is no objective scale. If you bring out a scale, you can make that scale a problem.
Therefore, it is absolutely impossible for the opponent to bring up the theory and turn over what he thinks so. The closer it is to intuition, the more so. For it is in agreement with the inner faith. He told me that.

  People who can clearly express their subjectivity and who have the strongest can be invincible in the group to which they belong, whether they are students or members of society.

 The word courage that was disliked a while ago became popular, but no one can compete with the strength of being able to completely and completely dismiss the theory of Mote whether it is hated or stunned.

  Ten years later, I sometimes remember this theory. And I haven't seen much of that friend, but I'm very interested if I still stick to that theory. And I really want them to go through.

 At the first meeting, Nakamura told me that he was saying, “You are extra safe,” and still remembers feeling complicated.
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