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Is literature profitable ...?

 Is literature profitable? That is probably the biggest concern of anyone who is going to do literature. The answer is "make money." I want to affirm that, but there are actually some difficulties. And the word profitable has a slightly vulgar sound. However, according to Kojien, there is a nuance that is just "to make a profit" and is slightly different from the word of making money.

  Drama, literature, and art have been said to be rash for a long time, and they have been representatives of professions opposed by their parents. Now comedians may be among them, but that situation hasn't changed much.

  It's harder to be even better than before. It may not even be a profession anymore. Speaking of literature, the publishing recession and the situation where books cannot be sold is a worldwide trend.

  Speaking of this country alone, it is said that less than 10 people are eating novels exclusively. Of course, there will be less than 100 people, including essayers, TV appearances, university professors, and other sideline professionals.

  If you think so, it may be difficult to become a professional compared to professional sports. Even with the Akutagawa Prize, it is said that the probability of surviving is less than 10%.

 And this trend should go further. Currently, no one can read the Akutagawa Prize work. Even the name of last year's winner is far from the public.
And of course, the book itself is not selling. Even in the music industry, which is said to be a bit ahead of the literature, CDs are no longer sold and the world is moving to a free streaming world, so literature will become more free in the world of e-books such as Kindle.

 Furthermore, the university's department of literature, which is considered to be far from business, has been abolished, and even the field of literature is becoming doubtful.

  In this situation, there is no reason to make money in literature. It tends to be the conclusion. Nevertheless, I want to dare to make money.
First of all, this is related to the definition of literature, but even if it is not limited to a medium of books, if it is a work written in words, essays are included in literary activities and blogs may be included.

 And most of the current SNS is based on these words. Both Twitter and Instagram are accompanied by words.

 How do you communicate your words to others? From the point of starting thinking about this, it can be said that literature has already begun. That's why the world of paper books is getting smaller, but it's actually much wider than before.

 In the novel industry a while ago, a case of defamation took place, such as Yukio Mishima's `` after the feast '' case, and caused public upset, but even if there was something similar now Not even news.よ り Similar things are happening now in the SNS world.

 So the expression of the text (story) did not disappear, but simply moved from paper to the electronic world. Just searching for charismatic bloggers will give you over 100 names. Most of them are millionaires.

 Of course, there are many blogs that are solely for the purpose of selling things, or that deal with dubious information products. However, no one should be able to read it unless the text written there is good. Anyway, you have to grab people's heart with words.

  In the past, waka was done, diary literature was read, ogaki soshi was done, and haiku was done. The fields that can be earned have only changed in the course of the times. But the basics seem to be repeated, but words. To convey your thoughts in words.
Blogs have been around for about ten years now. The field of blogs is also gaining recognition. There are some wonderful things that impress and move people. So, of course, you can put your blog in the literature.

 If so, the number of people who are eating in literature now will be even greater. In addition, I have heard that even in the field of education, we will focus on language expression, a class that uses words. Perhaps this is also a global trend. Again, this is evidence that the need to express one's thoughts is growing.

  Given that, I think there is still enough value in doing literature. In the future, people who can convey their thoughts, and even more interestingly, will be more highly valued.
Then how can we talk like this? It will come to mind first to have a lot of experience. But that also has its limitations. One way to novelize your experience, like Hemingway, will eventually get stuck. I recommend reading a book instead. You can travel the world in the story as much as you want. And I think that you should consider that. If you think about the same thing as people, you can't talk more interesting than people.
But read, think and represent books. There are very few situations in the real world that can properly teach this series of tasks. I think the reason that the Faculty of Literature was abolished was that it was not recognized as a place to cultivate the necessary abilities because some of this work was omitted.

 But if you master this sequence and gain the flexibility to use it everywhere, it will be useful enough in the business world. It will be a powerful weapon as a member of society. The Faculty of Letters should teach even writing on SNS.

  If you can write on a document, you can say it. It can also be used for interviews, presentations, and persuading others. In other words, if you can get your own words, and if you can do it, you can make a lot of money using literature.

 Literature is not just about selling bestsellers and making money with royalties to get rich. Through literature, I can understand people's feelings, express my feelings honestly, and understand others. I think that this is also a worthy profit.

 So, I still want to say that I can make money with literature. However, I can't affirm it because the proviso that it is in a broad sense is necessary for now.

  Nakamura was confused because he seriously considered the difference between an essay and a blog.
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