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Can a novelist be a YouTuber?

 Recently, my beloved Genichiro Takahashi has started YouTube. Earlier, I heard that I could become a YouTuber and I was always looking forward to the program. And when I saw the first one, it was my own recitation. It happened to be my favorite work, so I was able to see it to the end, but what was your overall impression? was. In short, it wasn't timeless.

 Of course, I didn't expect anything to compete with famous YouTubers like Hikakin or Hikaru.

 I don't think you have that kind of feeling. However, to be honest, being exposed to the media means that you still want to subscribe to it, get to know yourself, and read your book.

  YouTube may have been selected as the advertising tool, but it seems a little thin if the video media called YouTube is compatible with literature in the first place.
If you simply put your work in the PR position, it will be quite effective if you have a Genichiro Takahashi class. However, from the point of view of literary activities using one YouTube, the reading style seems old.

 Because it is easy for novelists to choose a reading style when trying to use the media. I don't mean it's a separate one. When Ryu Murakami once begun to appear on television, the way of using television was novel, and I was a bit betrayed because I was expecting a similar stimulus.

 By the way, the relationship between the novel and the video is a surprisingly old and new problem that existed before the release of YouTube.

 Legal rights and visualization rights will be transferred to other occasions, but novels will be visualized in various episodes and troubles.

 Recently, Fuji TV's “Sea Monkey”. Not long ago, Michael Elende's "The Endless Story". The former is money. For the latter, the quality of the work became an issue. In the case of Michael Ende, too much of the finished work (including hit songs, but it hit moderately) led to a trial without allowing the name of the original.

 I understand Michael Ende's feelings well, but I think that I was expecting too much to be able to visualize 100% of the original author's worldview and air. In the movie world, there are many works that have tried too hard to reproduce the atmosphere close to the original and have returned and failed.

 Like Haruki Murakami and Kazuo Ishiguro (who write some scripts), works that allow visualization are those of the director who left the original author's hand, There are people who think completely and completely, like Ryu Murakami, Oda of One Piece, sticking to the visualization of their own work, writing and directing themselves, in their own hands Some writers try to reproduce.

 Either of them is not correct, but I think that the only way to make the image you want is to work on your own.

 However, if you take care of yourself, it is likely that you will end up with half-hearted results. In conclusion, it can have the least interesting consequences.

  When I saw the above-mentioned YouTube debut program by Genichiro Takahashi, it seemed to fall into that kind of feeling.

 If you want to make your novels known to more people, I think it's better to leave the visualization to someone completely or do it yourself.

 Of course, besides reading, you may be trying to do a video version of what was once done in a literary magazine, such as a discussion or a conversation. It may be rude to judge early, as you might be thinking of some other surprising tricks.

 Anyway, I would like to keep an eye on YouTuber's activities by Genichiro Takahashi, a top runner in literature.

  In connection with this, books that tend to want to realize something, not just novels, should start with YouTube. In fact, if you do well, you'll get results, visibility and sales.
However, I think that many people who write novels and manga in the first place are not good at appearing in public, or want to avoid them if possible. That's why I'm withdrawing and writing novels.

  If you can act like a mentalist DAIGO or Atsuhiko Nakata, your work will sell and it will become popular. Perhaps you will get a big chance.
But if you say only yourself, it's embarrassing to be a YouTuber. I can't read a lot of my face and read it. If so, I would like to visualize the work by myself, but now I have no time or ability to learn or work on CG technology.

 Perhaps, if CG technology advances and if all the current work of visualization can be done by one person, an environment where script, music, and directors can be done alone may be possible. When that happens, not only the field of novelists, but also writers, including visualization, will be successful. The novel may be reinstated at that time.

 I don't usually watch Youtube, but when I watch it occasionally, it reminds me of the nostalgic TV show at the moment with the momentum of the past. It is ridiculous to think from now, but there was anything like erotic gross nonsense.
After this, I don't know if Youtube will flourish after the television, or if it will disappear with narrower expression due to compliance and self-regulation.

 Even when new tools such as note and instagram appear, not only in YouTube, you must always consider the relationship (affinity) between the field of novels using characters and the new tools. The only way to do what and how much with the new tool is half-finished is to stay interested and try it out like Mr. Takahashi.

  In the coming era, should we write only novels or not? It was Nakamura that I could not cross.
 see you