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  I've been a fan of Mobile Suit Gundam series for a long time. I especially like the Universe Century Series starting with First Gundam.

 You can say that you've seen almost all Gundam series, but in fact, I didn't watch the first part of the TV series in the first place, the first Gundam.

 Why didn't you see it? That's because I saw the movie first. The movie was much better.

 When I was an elementary school student, without knowing anything about Gundam, my parents told me to take me to a movie with my cousin, and I wanted to see a movie of Doraemon and my cousin a movie called Gundam I. Told.

 At that time, my parents almost didn't let me watch TV, but I didn't know anything about Gundam, so I thought I was disgusted with such robot objects. However, I didn't particularly want to see Doraemon, so I decided to go see Gundam with my cousin overshadowed.

 However, since I hadn't watched a TV series in the lower grades of elementary school, I thought that the story development would be the first in a trilogy if I thought that the bonus would be complete. I ended up where I thought, and I have a very disappointed memory.

 About ten years later, when I saw the three movie versions on TV again, all the hints were connected, and especially when I saw the final part, I was so moved by tears. The movie I've never been so excited to sleep with has been since "Yamato Forever" (old and sorry).

 Now there's no spoiler, but for those who haven't seen it, I say a little violently: "People can understand each other. I'm more happy than anything. "(Of course, there are some objections to this.)

 At that time, there was a discussion of new types, and it was thriving to think about the definition of new types (it will be revealed later on Unicorn Gundam), but as myself, the development of the story and the splendor of the ending I was impressed.
Many people talk about the greatness of Gundam from various angles, but I am particular about the phrase, "I still have a place to return. There is no such happiness" as the main character Amuro Rei. I would like.

 The story is a little different, but when you are a child, whether you are comfortable or not, there is a place where you return as a parent. And generally speaking, when they reach puberty, they find new places to stay, leave their parents and leave their homes.
And if we can proceed as it is, the problem is, if the place you thought was your new place is different from your imagination or betrayed, can you find a new place from there? about it. This would be the case if you have entered a domestic DV or black company.

 Gundam's protagonist, Amuro Rei, is reluctant to start out as a black company, but is riding a battleship called White Base.

 However, as he goes through a fierce battle between life and death, he gradually sympathizes with his fellow fighters and chooses to remain in this battleship even though he could remain in a safe place with his mother. (Again, it doesn't justify black companies.)

 At the end of the movie, after giving priority to escaping friends from the enemy fortress, everyone greets the escaped Amuro with their hands out from the escape lunch (like a space boat). That's where the film ends, and that scene represents everything the author wants to say.

  If you think carefully, the war is almost over at this point. And the battleship (the company) on which everyone was aboard is no longer sinking.

  It is clear that even if you save after this, you will soon part by yourself. But Amlorei dared to say it was a place to go home.
What is that place? .

 In other words, it is not an actual land or building or organization, it is not an easy connection on the surface, but in various tough situations, while exposing yourself, from a partner who has overcome the crisis together It will be about the exchange of hearts that give us.

 In other words, if you can get that moment even once in your life, it will pass away, and even if you lose it forever, your life will be saved.

 However, in reality, that moment is likely to be easy to obtain and hard to obtain. Sports teams may be similar, but those who don't like groups in the first place, like me, will have fled before they can get it.

 Then, I think that it is up to each person how to enjoy such a powerful moment. I don't think it's at least as easy as a lottery or a drug. Of course I don't want to taste it during the war.

 It was not just a matter of reason or mind, but a real feeling that "Oh, I'm glad I lived."

  And if you can get the moment that can support such a life in your daily life, that is the happiest thing. That it can be obtained in any environment unexpectedly. This movie taught me that.

 Amuro Rei falls in love with her partner, Lala, in a moment's encounter. Then, in the battle, the opponent who can sympathize with each other even after the space and time is killed by his own hands.

 The last line of Amuro in the movie is, "I can play Lara anytime."
This implies that the new type is not alive or alive in reality (beyond the body) (this motif will become more apparent in the sequel ΖGundam).

 This leads to my opinion that Gundam is a Buddhist philosophy, but we who have a physical body and are always caught in death, transcend death is an eternal moment, how to grasp such moment I think that is.

 A long time ago, Nakamura remembered that a boy who wanted to become a new type wrote a youth novel, "I can't become a new type".
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