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Is "living" a dead language?

 When you hear "living," it sounds a little more elegant than the word "life," which has a similar meaning.

 The title of "Literature of Living" in this blog is inspired by the last book "Philosophy of Living" written by Akiko Ikeda.

 Ikeda's early works, which pioneered the field of "philosophical essays," were all sharp and full of challenging willingness to change the world through philosophy.

  I also like brilliant old works, like “Invincible Socrates”, but recently I like her last work. There is a quiet resignation before dying from cancer, or full of tranquility to summarize life.

 Of course, in your daily life, you will find the significance of philosophy, the death of your dog, and your thoughts on driving. They are just the philosophy of life.
If you read this, you may be disappointed that Ikeda is curled up. Somewhere, like an adult. At the same time, you may think that personality has emerged.

 And above all, what once was a philosophy for philosophy, through the daily life of people living as usual, is quite impressive that their eyes have come down considerably.
I think Ikeda is a philosophy teacher for myself (although Ikeda, who died, would say that if he had time to yearn for him, think for himself), but the literature teacher is Soseki Natsume.

 I think Natsume Soseki is also a person who tried to think about literature in his “life”. I like rakugo, and if I work with Satoshi, my horn will stand. If you make a rod, you will be washed away. It's cramped if you can do it. Anyway, the world of humans is hard to live ... When you realize that it is hard to live wherever you go, poetry is born and you can paint, "the text at the beginning of Kusamakura clearly shows.

 What is the difference between philosophy and literature? It's hard to say in a word, but philosophy is the attitude of trying to understand the truth and the logic (they know that you don't know what you don't know). I think it's a great story.

 Of course, philosophy does not exist for literature, and vice versa. Literature holds without philosophy, and philosophy holds without literature.

 It is possible that philosophers could use literature as a means, as the writings of Plato, a great philosopher of the past, naturally turned into poems and stories. In this case, it doesn't matter which one is more important.

 Ms. Ikeda started out as a philosophical essay, but the literary essay has become increasingly important. I think that manifestation is the "philosophy of living" of later years.

 And I tried to relate the word "living" to the seemingly opposite of philosophy. Rather than trying to find them in their lives.

  Everybody lives every day as long as they live, so there is always a certain philosophy, although there is a difference between light and heavy. And as we get older, we need a more compelling philosophy. That's why I decided to call it the Philosophy of Living.
However, her illness forced her to end the attempt. Since I do not have the power or ability to inherit the philosophy of living, I decided to try living literature with the help of Professor Soseki Natsume who believed in the `` power of telling '' as much. is.

 What is needed when a person comes to a turning point in life (as a sensation, not a real year)? Is it family, work, or rewarding? For me, I think it is a compelling word.

 I think that the necessary words are more necessary than life-span treatment technology and STAP cells in a long-lived society called the 100-year era.

 What you need in an aging society. It's a compelling word, and moreover, an irreplaceable story to survive to the end.

  I think that includes a view of life, a view of life and death, and a way of working.

  Rather than living longer, you will eventually live longer. Given that, it's clear that it's more important than money or something.

 Dying is just one phenomenon in life. Miyazawa Kenji is like "one of the lights of a street lamp flickering in the dark."

  What kind of story do you have when the person dies? In extreme terms, what words do you die with? I hope that I can keep thinking about how I can have it in my life.
Furthermore, a magical story that makes life easier. If you write at least one such thing, it will be exhausted to the novelist.

 And Nakamura, who raised his hurdles and was always suffering.
 see you