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When are you ready for death?

 According to Wikipedia, “end of life” is a word that refers to various preparations for human beings to be aware of their own death and to reach the end of life, and to summarize the life toward it.

 Generally, it is considered that the term of life ends when a person is about the age of retirement or after a child becomes independent.
At the same time, there is also the term of active life for the lifetime of 100 years. Anti-aging is the trend.

 However, if you are fifty years old, and you are told to live twice more, I think that there are unexpectedly few people who are truly glad and willing to ask for them.
If you are yourself, you will answer various conditions, if your body moves, if you have 10 billion, or if you are really active in the work you want to do.

 To be honest, I will think for myself. Of course, if you're 100 years old as a result of your life, I think it's worth it. However, centennial is too long and seems to be very tired.

  Apart from that, when you have been working hard and have a life, when you suddenly think that you have settled down, you will be divided into two ways of thinking. I wonder if I can do something again, look back on my life and start preparing for death.
And if you think you're going to be doing something else, I think you're a person who can stick to life.

 In other words, what you want to say is that you don't have to age to start life, you can always start. In other words, age doesn't matter.

 For example, let's say you have a teen idol that has dominated the world. Then, suppose you suddenly became less popular around the age of 30.

 Then, watching the person who burns out and looks like a shell, others may advise you to turn to an actor, live a leisurely life, or transfer to a politician.

 Of course, if the person says, “Okay, I ’m still young and I ’ll try it.” That ’s fine.
However, when you are really burned out of your heart, and you live out of it and get lost, or become depressed, it's time to end your life. It's just the face of death most.

  As I said in the definition of Wikipedia, I think it's very meaningful to look at death once and summarize my life.

 I think the famous word "Mento Mori", "Don't forget to die," means to end your life.
People do not know when they will die. I don't know what death is, but if you have the world and have the same consciousness as when you are alive, dying without dying is a bit regrettable I think it will.

 The phrase "you do what you want, you can die anytime" is a phrase often used by religious people, but if someone who wants to live better speaks this word, it will have another meaning. It should take on.

 But then, what exactly should we do? It's surprisingly unknown to say a quick summary (although there are many books on how to end life in a practical sense). I don't know.
Perhaps that is where religion excels, but when I hear it as a generalization, I associate it with the student movement.

 In the end, I think that summarizing is re-thinking everything that could happen to you so far, based on death. It is a mental task.

 However, it is surprisingly difficult to look back on the past. There are many things that you want to hide or forget, if possible.

 And even if you randomly connect the memories and experiences scattered throughout such life, nothing will help. It needs to be assembled or shaped as a line.

  If you don't do that, you can't really sum it up. There are older people and celebrities who often give autobiography, but I think that autobiography is also an effective generalization method.

 And what do you do and what do you do (do not do) until the death of what you think comes to the conclusion. What do you want to get (want to throw away)? You will surely be able to see it while it is dim.

 And isn't it very important to jump in (obey) what you see (situation)? I think there is no other way to recover from the burnout.

  I don't think there are many people who have grown up smoothly from a baby. The longer I live, the more times I have failed and been frustrated.
It's obvious, but you can't go back to the past. Then, what can (or will not) be possible for deaths that do not know when they will come. I think that it is always good to start life. Yes, it may be now.

 It was Nakamura who thought that the confusing words of job hunting and end-of-life could not be managed.
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