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What is a happy triangle?

 Ken Shimura has passed away. I didn't want to deal with seasonal topics in this blog, but I want to write it. That was a shock. Instead, it's a generation I watched in real time.
However, the social loss and sorrow have been widely reported in the news, so I will not touch it.

 In addition to various related articles flowing, Ken Shimura said that it is best to be in the equilateral triangle called "Work, alcohol and women (plus health in later years)" I want to take it up.

 At first I heard this and thought that it was like Ken Shimura, but at the same time I thought it was a very cool way of life. This is a neat life philosophy.

 Unexpectedly, people can't clearly describe the form of happiness they seek. One of the three points is too dark or too light, and the location changes frequently. Depending on the person, it may be quadrilateral, isosceles triangle, rectangular, or irregular.

 Of course, you know what you want from a young age, and it's awkward to draw clearly.

 Of the three points Ken Ken Shimura said, it goes without saying that the "work" that bet everything on laughter. And if you try to find a stimulus that can impress with a corner of this darkness, of course, the other two must be darkened.

 I have the same darkness when it comes to work and alcohol. Just the other one is different. Certainly not a woman (in a Shimura-san sense).

  Mr. Shimura, 70 years old, still active on the front line. Of course, the other two points will have to be dense.

 And the virus of this virus incident (we call it an incident) was the direct trigger, but after all, the result of choosing these three strong things decided Shimura's life I think it is.

 When a person draws the equilateral triangle he wants, it affects the future destiny like Shimura. For example, if it is work, alcohol, golf, or work, marathon, woman, life expectancy and way of life will change completely.

 If so, you have to think seriously about what to do with these three (or maybe four depending on the person), and I think it is easier to live if you decide.

 "I like the railroad anyway. I like alcohol. I like women. I like complaining." I said dignifiedly without worrying about the world or liing to myself. I think that people can survive easier. The rest is just a crime and you only have to come to terms with reality.

 And then, it is difficult to decide what to choose from these three. People really know intuitively without having to search for themselves, but I think that they really don't want to understand. If you choose, you have the potential to change your work and home.
You don't have to profess just because you have decided otherwise, but what should you give priority to in your life? And because we value this priority, what is needed to balance it? After thinking about my own form of happiness, I read this interview with Mr. Shimura.
And it is true that the situation where there is only one may be unexpectedly dangerous. Just work. Only sake. Only a woman.

 If a job-only person is taken up for work, a woman-only person is aged, and a woman is no longer available, or a liquor breaks her body and cannot drink.

  At that time, there is nothing to support you. However, if two of the three points remain, people feel that they can hold on. That way, we manage to survive and make up for the missing one with something else. It's kind of like adult art, but it may be a more realistic way of life.

 And Ken Shimura who chose these three would be a low-minded way of saying, but in short, it is an entertainer who likes drinkers (even though it is not just an entertainer but a comedy king) .

 However, I think that life that can be paraphrased with just one line is also cool.

 "No matter who says what, I am happy with this," says Dandyism. I think it used to be a rugged face that used to be pinned away from the Drift, giving a soft and gentle look in later years

 A person's life is said to be quality rather than length. I think either is fine. I think it's a good life to put your health at one point of the triangle and survive as long as you can.It is also good to live a fulfilling life through yourself, though it's a little short like Ken Shimura.

 Anyway, I feel like I'm convinced to accept the consequences of the triangle I have chosen, and to die and go.

  The most outstanding piece of Ken Shimura's art was Nakamura, who thought he was Ain (I have never done it).
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