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Want to go for a walk?

 As you may have wrote before, I like walking. When people ask what their hobbies are, they most often say "walk".

 However, if you answer so, most of the time, the other party will respond with a dull response, "Is it a walk?"

 Perhaps the beginning of the story is that a walk is unlikely to be “golf” or “tennis”, and it seems that it was in line with the shoulder. Some of them have a slightly angry face that they are willing to answer seriously.

 But I really like walking, so I can't help. In the first place, even on television, there are a lot of walk programs, somehow strolling, somehow hanging around.
So I think there are many people who like walking. It's a dog walk, but human walks could be more featured.

 For me only, I almost never decide the destination of the walk, but decide the approximate direction to go based on the weather, past history, mood of the day.
Yesterday we headed south, so today is west, and the wind is strong, today is east. Then we somehow start walking.

  Even if you go a different road for a week, it will be different. The cherry blossoms bloomed and scattered. The azalea buds are inflated. My neighbor dog seems to sleep today. A new store has been opened or crushed.

 It may be a little trivial compared to the dynamic news on TV. It's fun to sense these changes, not just seasonal changes.

  In another place (note), I also do haiku and so on, so when I find such a change, I take a picture. And I write down what I thought on my smartphone.

 Find a little change.

 It may not be limited to walking. Same for people. There is a word that "If you don't meet boys on three days, you should be careful (even girls)", but I think that is possible even in one day.

 People can be dramatic in just one day, or they can change with experience. That's why I never miss that change to take care of my partner.

 But it may not be possible if you can't afford it. However, if you do not notice the change in people and scenery, you can end up with a gap that has been opened one day and a groove that cannot be filled. The closer the relationship, such as a couple relationship or parent and child, the more likely it is.

 I know. I watch it every day. The pitfalls of thinking are things that everyone tends to fall into. And most people go unnoticed by the change of azalea buds and notice something decisive, as they first notice after blooming.

 Small changes. The first step to becoming aware of this will be to be sensitive to natural changes as well. It smells like rain, it's raining in the afternoon. I don't think these sensitivities are necessary for writing poetry or twisting haiku, but for those who need to live as a person.

 That doesn't mean you should take a walk in vain, but it's better to be able to enjoy only a few kilometers from your home than to be able to enjoy it only for a certain purpose, such as Disneyland or a large shopping mall. I think life will be richer and more economical than anything else.
 Twitter. What does a person do with pocket money in a side job? I think it's just that you want more money because of your desires.

 I think that the real side job in the future is not money but to get “connection”, “trust”, and the “sensitivity to feel small changes” mentioned above.
And I think it's better not to think that there is a reward immediately, but to make it fun without spending money, instead of a thought circuit of profit.

 As long as you walk, you will rarely get any visible money. Many people think that it is wasted time.

 However, if you walk nearby even for 10 minutes a day, you should feel that there is something in return that is not money.

 In the past, when Steve Job talked about important business with the other party, he was taking a walk with mineral water in hand, but Kaoru Yachigusa can not usually talk when he walks with his couple in an essay As I wrote that I can talk about things, a walk may be a magical power that opens normally closed thought circuits.

 Morgan Freeman walks in the rain, wearing boots and wearing an umbrella, in a movie (I forgot the title) I heard that I loved it and imitated it, but Nakamura thought that walking in the rain was not fun either.
 see you