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Is the case a story?

 I think that people who have studied law have read the book "Hundred Select Cases" at least once. By the way, a court case is a record of a trial, which is a compact summary of the process from the case to the verdict.

 Among them, 100 were the ones that carefully selected those that became the norm for judging in the subsequent trials such as the constitution and criminal law. Actually, it is not exactly 100, but about 100 typical cases Is listed.

 When I was in college, I was given an issue for a report, and when I had to read this, it was painless (because it was a mandatory subject). Peculiar words, peculiar phrases, many theories, uncertain points of omission.

 First of all, it was difficult to read because the text itself was difficult to understand. I don't understand what you mean by reading it. For me, who is used to writing literary texts, it was a complete feat. I didn't even intend to work, so I thought it was a complete wasteful study and did it properly.

 However, when I became a member of society and began to work on law from the beginning, I initially hated law. Rather than hating hair, the law is a barren memorization thing. He looked down unilaterally, as is often the case with literary followers.

 However, when I grew up and gained various social experiences as it was, and one day I decided to read it again with 100 selections, it happened to be a criminal law, but it was very interesting to read. I understood the meaning, and nodded that I could understand the result.

 The cases listed in the 100 selections are unique and unprecedented cases. Speaking of criminal law, it was too strange to be punished for being punished for mistakenly hunting Megina, for escaping from a confined condominium, and escaping to a highway to be killed. It is only an incident that does not become a story.

 In the 100 selections, we search for the legal texts that match them and apply facts using the norms to make conclusions, but the whole process of that decision seemed fresh as we knew for the first time. I'm really impressed that problems are solved in this way in the human world.

 Of course, novels are of course more interesting because they are made as entertainment for reading, but at that time I felt that case law was also a story.
Then, I was thinking that I could use this 100 selections to make various novels from here (although it may have already been made).

  From criminal law to suspense, from civil law to court plays, from corporate law to hostile takeovers, etc.

 I also tried to write it, but it just doesn't work. I can't sublime it into a story.
When I thought about the cause, I found two reasons.

 The first is that the brain used when using the law is completely different from the brain used in creation. Reading the case is logically hard. In that case, there is no room for smooth scene development or small hints.

 On the contrary, the brain when creating is repelling such a logical solution. Because my mind is full of feelings and internal psychology.
Second, I think it's easy to use entertainment gossip as a blog story, and I feel like I'm cheating somewhere.

 Creator is the act of launching a story from the horizon of zero wherever you go, with your own power, and you have to use the magma that springs up from inside.
In other words, no matter how much you try to deal with another person's problem that is far from you, it is no longer your problem.

 Then, what I should do is, if I could write it, I would find out the events that happened or were encountered in the same circumstances as myself in the 100 selections and make a story similar to my life. think.

 However, it would be almost impossible to search for such cases in a huge number of cases. I don't think there is anyone doing it in reality.
However, for those who took the bar exam who studied the law deeply, there should have been only one case in which they were caught by themselves or felt a sense of familiarity.

 Then, if this is the case, and I have a little intention to write a novel based on this, I think this case can be the best story.
That is why I wrote that lawyers want to come to the world of literature a while ago. You should be able to write something interesting in one work.
On the contrary, for those who want to shake the world with their novels, it may be fun to study the law. Since the relationship between law and literature is a theme of my life, I would like to continue to write about it.

 Nakamura, who wants to have just 100 written cases (actually, there are about 130) because it is 100 selections.
 see you