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Don't you want to leave the blog?

 I'm blogging, and I've never had a problem with news. It's about philosophical propositions, laws, books I've read, movies I've seen, and more.

 However, after almost half a year, I realized that there are lots of stories, and no matter how much I write, I don't really want to write.

 If it is a philosophical proposition, the expert already, the law is a lawyer, the book that I read, such as a blog of the book review, when I try to write it, the existence of those people comes to mind and the brush stops. I wonder if it's worth it to write something like this now.

 Then, when I get stuck, I start searching for reasons to quit by searching on the net with the keyword "I wanted to blog". I think people who have continued to blog once or twice have that kind of thing.

 Even then, there is always something that I am looking for at the same time, meaning that I want to continue, do not quit, there is always change. Inspire yourself with such a positive word and go to the computer again.

 What exactly is a blog? What is a blogger? I just think about it.

 There is a recent best-selling book, Yasunobu Tanaka, "You can write what you want to read." I think this title is one of the answers to this question.

 Why is a famous blogger's blog read? It's just because it's interesting, I want to read it, and that's all. It has nothing to do with social significance, literary ideals, or essays.

 However, it is interesting, so it is read. After all, I think that's all. Of course, creating an interesting blog may have a different purpose. Affiliate wants to make money, wants to become famous, is used as an entrance for information products.

 However, it will not be read unless it is interesting. If so, what is interesting ... Intriguing people. Romance, work, success, making money, gambling. A person's genuine interest seems surprisingly wide and may be narrow.

 Then, it will be back again. I don't want to write down folly about people's interests. As soon as I thought so, the brush stopped again. If so, I can't write anything.
Then, there is myself who runs to search for "I want to blog again". But recently I remembered that folklore is human. My personal taste doesn't match, Mitsuo Aida says, in a nutshell, it's a human being (by the way, I hate this word).

 Literary literature may have declined because it was too persistent to dare to draw a noble (and conversely vulgar) person, abandoning this human aspect.
Girls will probably be more overwhelming than everyone's dostoevsky on Kindle. I think that novel writers should reconsider why SNS and blogs are read rather than novels.

 There are many people who have recently added SNS texts to novels, but I think Nakamura feels that it has not come out well.
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