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Do you like Paptimus Sirocco?

 Last time, I mentioned Tatsuya Eguchi's "BE FREE" as the 5 things that changed my life, but the second one is "Z Gundam", which may seem like a subculture again.
I wrote about Gundam before, but I haven't written much yet, so this time I'm talking about Z Gundam (if you are not interested, skip it).

 Ζ As you can tell from the singer GACKT and other celebrities about Gundam's awesomeness, I think that Gundam itself is already becoming more socially recognized, so I dare to write about the spoilers of the whole story. not.
Then, what I particularly liked about Z Gundam was the enemy character, Paptimus Sirocco.

 In the Gundam Universe Century series, various characters have appeared so far, but Shah Aznable may be famous as a representative character whose enemies and allies are not clear. What is less clear than that is his character.

 He was on a huge exploration ship to go to Jupiter like a recluse to secure resources. Then I return to the earth sphere, but the purpose is not clear in the first place.

 However, near the end of the story, because he calls himself "a witness of history", he and Camille (protagonist) have a grip on hegemony including the Earth sphere, such as Jamitov Hyman of the opposing Titans camp Nor does it aim to revive Zeon in Hamman Khan in Axis or to innovate humankind with new types such as Captain Quattro (Shaz Aznable).

 Despite being a recluse, he is a genius designer who can create cutting-edge mobile suits (battle robots) in a huge exploration ship, and is a new type in battle that surpasses Captain Quattro.

 Then, while belonging to Titans, he will assassinate Jamitov and take actual control of Titans.

 Then, as he enters the final stage, he will gradually understand his claim.
"I don't want to take history in the wrong direction," he said. "I'm changing the world (the world that is led by women), maybe it's Recoa (a female pilot who is a subordinate)", "What could be done by a genius who could only pull the legs of a genius. Is a handful of geniuses "," small interactions that only lead to the destruction of the world "," it's hopeless to ask people for their character "," it's easy after that ".

 And so on, it's an on-parade of attractive phrases that will tickle your child's heart.
At the same time, Recoa (betraying Eugo) can give the tranquility of Captain Quattro as a woman who could not be found (actually to use it), so the way she treats women is also a genius.

 At that time, I was a naive child, but I didn't understand why Paptimus Sirocco was being treated as a villain, so I went to the side to defend only one in a Gundam debate with my friends.

 Of course, Paptimus Sirocco was abused by Camille (protagonist) and others, "I don't understand, to Sirocco who is playing war", "Isn't it understood (for women who follow him)?" As you know, as he grows older, he says he's a rare villain,
I still liked it.

 That is also what he aims for. It wasn't for Shah to drop the Axis (the base of the Neo Zion forces) in the sequel film to force humanity to awaken to a new type in order to evolve into a humanity that did not war, but just to go wrong in history. I don't want to take it. Because I felt that I was atoning for everything with that one word.

 After all, the history of mankind is the accumulation of thoughts, science and technology, innovation of mankind, innovation of mankind, and mikoshi such as God, leading to many conflicts and confusion causing confusion.
Was that really peaceful? A lot of blood is still flowing. Many children have died at an early age. Human beings have a default state of war, which may be the way humans evolve.

 However, I feel that the sacrifices we make are too great for peace.
If we have to shed a lot of blood in order for humankind to evolve more in the future, it is safe to think that it is an act that takes us to the wrong history.

  And the great thing about Paptimus Sirocco is that it is a different way from Jamitov and Captain Quattro mentioned above, that is to say that women's power will change history in the right direction.

 I said that the key to human evolution is "female" (maybe I didn't really say that). A man may not know to treat a woman as a purpose, as Recoa scatters when he is about to die, saying, "Men only know to play with women or use them" ..
He aimed to treat women as “purpose”. That is the correct history of humankind (though this may be a selfish assumption).

 That's why I was more attracted to him than Shah Aznable.
I am not a feminist. However, like the author, Tomino-san, I am just a literary literary writer who is wondering how to make the world peaceful without war and violence if possible, and wondering if it can be expressed well in a story.

 Gundam cannot overcome the evolutionary singularity of humankind and the peace of humankind unless humans (people who live on the earth) who are drawn to the gravity of the earth (people who live on the earth) awaken to the new type (new humankind). I think it's a tragic story in a sense (I think that's also a guess).

 And the great thing about Z Gundam is that, while it seems to be wrapped in an entertainment package called a children's animation, it actually incorporates many literary problems such as the harshness of the real world and the depth of human work.
And, not only that, we are trying to show the possibility of escape (release) from there. In other words, it's not just a robot anime, it's also a fine royal children's literature like Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter.

 The character Paptimus Sirocco is a decent adult, not a child with Amuro who has two illnesses such as Amuro or Camille, and, in a sense, a new adult method in that he presents a modest human transformation. It's a type (though at the end it ends in a tragic death). And, even now, he continues to have a great influence on me.
Nakamura who lived up to now and was the only Gunpla (plastic model of a mobile suit) that was completed by Paptimus Sirocco's Zio (which seems to mean the will of God).
 see you