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Have you ever had a dog?

 I want to keep a dog all the time. However, now that I live in a rental apartment that does not allow pets, I can't keep it for a long time.

 Despite that, when I wondered if I could manage it somehow, I reviewed the rental contract and clearly said that I could not pet (dogs, cats, etc.), so I gave up completely this time.

 However, there was a question that came up. In this way, even if dogs and cats are useless, is it a snake or a bird owl? Speaking of extremes, I wonder if goldfish are bad, turtles are bad, and how good is a pet?

 Then, if you look up the dictionary with the word pet, it is generally said that it is an animal raised for pet purposes.

 According to this definition, goldfish are OK because they are fish.

 Generally speaking, even if you live in a condominium that does not allow pets, I think there are many households that keep one goldfish in a fishbowl or a hamster.

 Probably speaking, pets are generally not good for goldfish and beetles, and hamsters are not.

 However, this time, when you look at animals and dictionaries, when you roughly divide living things into two groups, a group of plants, animals other than human beings. In particular, it refers to mammals. Beasts. There is.

 Now, according to this definition, goldfish and insects are useless. However, it is difficult to understand the meaning of animals other than humans as the definition of animal.

 However, as a general tolerance, I think goldfish and beetles are considered okay. Then I thought it was the same to have a dog.

I mean, I wondered if I could manage it somehow. Then, shouldn't it be aimed at pets (watchdog)?

 However, I still gave up. As far as pets are concerned, there is no doubt that they refer to dogs and cats.

 ≪I'm afraid to say this, but the reason why I want to keep a dog so much is because I had a Shiba Inu when I was little.

Originally my father liked dogs (I was hunting), and I had two hunting pointers until I was born (however, I am not very rich).

 Then, Shiba Inu came to me as a birthday celebration, and I was in charge of walking the dog and taking care of him.

 However, as his father kept two tempered hunting dogs, he never disciplined this new Shiba Inu (I will see why later), so as he grew up, I didn't ask anything about myself, and I became a selfish dog. 

 When it's a walk, I pull the leads all over. Make sure to quarrel with the dogs that come and go. If you don't want to go home If you leave it free-ranging, you try to escape because of your life. It was all-you-can-eat, such as biting a garden tree.

 My sister was scared of such a violent Shiba Inu, and almost never approached her, and her mother was originally not interested in the dog and only fed.

 And his father just took him to a nearby mountain on the weekends and let him play free-ranging and still did not discipline him.

 The kennel was a properly made shack, and no one cleaned it up, so the surroundings were always full of feces.

 I didn't give injections of filaria (a disease of pets transmitted by mosquitoes), and it was a completely useless way of thinking when thinking now.

 Among them, I didn't get used to school so much and I stayed home almost after school, so there was a lot of time in the house when I was alone with this dog (my parents worked together and my sister was busy with club activities). did.

 When I came back from school, the violent Shiba Inu came out of the hut to sleep, swinging his tail and approached me. Then, stick out your tongue and lick it all over your face.

 And I talked to the dog about what was tough at school for a while as a soliloquy. That was my daily routine. I often cry while talking.

 In other words, the dog was a violent and incomprehensible dog for my family, but for me it was my only friend.

 One day, I came up with the idea of ​​teaching my dog ​​a hand and a substitute, like other dogs in other homes.

 And I was able to do it slightly, so when I showed it to my father, it was completely unresponsive. And he said, "A dog is not a play tool."
At that time, I didn't understand the meaning at all.

 I heard from my father a while after this Shiba Inu died. Why didn't you discipline and train properly?

 Then, the answer was this. "I used to hunt as a hobby, but when I felt cruel, I quit. I used to keep my pointers very strict for hunting.
 I became an obedient dog to hear what I say. However, I'm always cramped, as if I'm always listening to the owner's complexion.
 So, I thought that the new Shiba Inu should not discipline anything. You just have to stay inside the house.
 I was also worried about the dung and the heartworm, but I didn't want you to do it because I thought it was one of the troublesome chores for you (though this might be a reason for retrofitting).
 I was hoping that if I felt affection, I would naturally get rid of it. But I didn't do it to the end. "

 The dog naturally suffered from heartworm and ended his life much shorter than the average life expectancy of a normal Shiba Inu.

 I regretted since I died. It was all my fault that caused me to die early. He said he was one-sided friend and not the owner.

 However, time passed, and the reason why I want to keep a dog now is that it is cute, of course, but by properly keeping a dog again, I was killed in a short life, that Shiba Inu dog I feel that I can make a little compensation for. At the same time, give your own repayment to his only friend.

 Of course, I don't think that my dog ​​is a reincarnation of my old dog, but I feel that if the dog I'm going to keep will be healthy and have a happy life, my regret will be a little lessened. I will.

 The name of this Shiba Inu was Nakamura who thought too much about it in his family and ended up using the same name as his relatives' dog.
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