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What did you learn about world history?

 What do you think of when you hear the history of the world? You will probably think of a world history textbook or reference book to learn from school.
I remember the manga series about world history that came from Shogakukan, not from textbooks.

 When I was little, my parents prohibited me from using manga, so the only exception I had to read was manga (and some secret series). So I was hungry for comics, and I remember devouring me.

 Even now, when the names of historical figures such as Cleopatra and Napoleon come up, the image of this cartoon is the source of the image (the image is like Osamu Tezuka).
 Perhaps because of the repeated reading of this manga until it fell apart, the history record at school was much better.

 It is said that the older a person becomes, the more they like history.
Perhaps, when you see the future of your life, I think you will somehow want to position yourself in the flow of time from the past. And what kind of existence do you want to be in the future that continues from now on?


 I think that as I grow older, I have no choice but to think about my existence. Then comes the ultimate question. In other words, what happens after I die?
When you read a history book, you realize that it is a collection of life and death. And many people are just one of the majority.

 I think it depends on whether you feel relieved or whether you are caught in a void, but I think that being aware of a small person is necessary for taking the next step.


 And at the same time, as you know the smallness of your existence, you should feel that the outside world is trivial. Anyway, please answer "What is your existence?"

 However, no one was able to answer this question clearly. As Socrates said, we'll get there, "I know I don't know."


 From this point on, it's a philosophical story, but reading a history book makes it strangely philosophical. Finally, like Socrates, you will "know what you don't know."


 And human beings are just a mass of desires (though the philosopher Wittgenstein chose six senses with language) that were caught by the five senses.

 Just repeat the mistake. Even if your desires change, you will be astonished that your spirit has not evolved at all.


  The misery of modern warfare is often thought to be the greatest mistake of humankind, but if you read the history of Greece far in BC, you can only repeat the same thing.
However, it may be that the method of murder has just become more sophisticated.

 From time to time, I read back a book called "The World History of War: The Great Encyclopedia" (Kawade Shobo Shinsha), in order to settle down my feelings, but even if I flick around, humanity is the history of battle, and war is about to come. It makes me feel that I will never disappear.

 Mystery of existence. Are people evolving or not? It's as much as you don't know what the end of the universe is like.
do not know. When I reach that conclusion, and when I guess the other side, I think it's where the story comes into play.

 If it was the end of the universe, it would be a science fiction novel. And if it were about the soul, it would be religion. And I think that existence is a philosophy.
 How can you explain to people what you absolutely do not understand and how can you understand? How to express something that cannot be expressed in words.

 Various philosophers and religions have also struggled with this.
You can see this by looking at the long description of the scripture called Dogen Shobogenzo, the founder of the Soto sect.
A history book may be a magnificent story that tries to reveal about a person whom a person does not understand by accumulating facts.

 In the past, when I was wondering whether to choose the world or Japanese history for the examination subject, my favorite teacher said, "If you want to know the world widely, I recommend world history. If you want to know Japan deeply, I recommend Japan history." Nakamura chose world history.
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