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Isn't the universe exciting?

 Why don't you get excited just by hearing the word universe?


 I remember that I used to buy as many postcards as possible and apply when a viewer's present was a telescope in a TV quiz show.
I couldn't get an astronomical telescope, but it was the constellation that I got into instead.


 However, since I lived in the suburbs of the city, I could barely see the stars and could only find the major Orion constellation that everyone could see.
I was disappointed here, but instead decided to make a planetarium in my house.
It was a substitute for making a hole in an unnecessary plastic ball and inserting a light bulb inside.


 I looked at it in a darkened room, but at first, the intervals were misaligned and the holes were too large, so I made various mistakes, and the final product was quite good.
Then, when I submitted it as a research project for summer vacation, it became quite popular and was unusually praised by the teacher. I woke up in the morning and wanted to go to school for only three days in my life, but the next day is one of them.
Somehow, I felt like I was getting closer to the universe, and I immediately wanted to become an astronaut with a simple childhood mind.


 Nowadays, it is not uncommon for Japanese people to go to space like the cartoon of "Space Brothers" is a big hit, and even Maezawa, who was the former president of ZOZOTOWN, goes on a space trip. However, at that time it was so ridiculous that it was said that you were ridiculous.


 Despite that, I dreamed of being an astronaut for a while, but after a while, the reality came into view. As the cosmic brothers mentioned above, becoming an astronaut has proved to be a daunting task.
At the same time, you must be an expert in something. Especially science.


 Since I was not able to surprisingly do science courses by nature, I gave up early instead of trying to master science here by rushing (I was not good at numbers anyway).
Then, what I finally arrived at was just to look at the pictures of the universe and to think about it.


 Besides, the photo book of space is expensive.
Then, if I have the opportunity next time, I would definitely like to get it by hand, but it is completely different from the past and now.
On TV, I think there is about the difference between CRT and digital.
 The image is more vivid and powerful than before. That would have improved shooting technology.


 It is often said that you watch it all the time, but you can forget about small things in everyday life. And not only that, I feel like I'm being sucked in.
And, like anybody's art book, you will definitely find a very attractive photo. It can be Saturn, the nebula, or the surface of Mars. I often see that fateful piece.
Sometimes it is used for meditation.


 Some people wonder what is interesting, but I think it's better that there is no sign of living things than there are no people. For the same reason, I like the scenery of the desert and the Arctic.
Scenery without people. Unmanned. Morning station platform. I like these places fatefully.


 Maybe I'm basically afraid of human creatures. It may be scared of its existence. If there is no human. Is it becoming the world? And a world that can be established without me. You may want something like that somewhere in your mind.
A scene that can be realized without humans. It will bring some sort of stability.


 People are in the power of life. It is natural that there are living things.
However, no living thing is reflected in the universe. Perhaps it's the default world.
Talk is skipped, but if the world is really sky, the photo of this universe may be the closest to the sky.


 Those who want to be astronauts have their own reasons. However, many people want to see the spectacular view from their place in outer space.
I especially want to see the earth from space.


 Earth, the source of living things, and empty space. What do you think when you compare it? I think it's a feeling that you can't taste unless you go out into space. Some say it's a kind of religious experience.


 I often hear that when an astronaut returns to Earth, some people awaken to religion. Perhaps I have experienced something.
Then, I would like to convey that feeling, but that feeling can only be understood by the person who said it. That dilemma may drive religion.


 That's why I want not only scientists and researchers but also poets and writers to go to space. And I want to hear what he says.
Photograph of the universe. I would like to see it because I like the world without living things, and at that time, I want to feel what astronauts experience while on earth.


 Astronaut was Nakamura, who understood from the manga that he needed not only his head but also his physical strength and energy.

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