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Is there a proper alternative to the word children's literature?

 By the way, I've always felt that it's embarrassing to call myself a children's literature writer. Recently, I don't want to call it "children" if possible because it resembles the bad NG word of child pornography that I often hear. And it's kind of like school and hard.

However, even if I try to find a substitute, I can't find it. If you change it arbitrarily, you will not understand the meaning.


Literary characters become heavy with "Children's literature", and some children with "Kids literature".

I usually think about picture books, manga, and other things that are easier to understand and have a lighter naming.

 In the profile section, I wrote "a novel that children can enjoy", but this too is too long.

 Although I used to say that it was an easy-to-understand story, I often quit because I was often told that it was rakugo-like.

 Pure literature looks strangely cool. However, it seems that the recent pure literature tends to lose to the word "Jun", but it seems to have become quite a miscellaneous sentence (However, Akutagawa award-winning works are still hard, anyway it is hard to read).


Assuming that the categorization problem of pure literature, popular literature, and intermediate literature between them (Haruki Murakami, Genichiro Takahashi) will be left to experts, where will the existing children's literature fall into?

After all, is it independent children's literature? If you write a good work, is it the Akutagawa Prize or the Naoki Prize? I think a lot.


 Everyone is welcome to win the award, but I would like to have an independent award as a person who has been struggling to make a story that children can read. For example, the Andersen Grand Prize, a world-class literary prize.

And the naming alternative to that children's literature is "a story that is not difficult".

Unfortunately, I can only think of that much. But after all, it doesn't quite fit, so I would like someone to think of a more suitable naming. After all, I think children's literature is a field with more potential and more attention than pure literature.


Mr. Nakamura, who thinks that the Andersen Grand Prize is the Kenji Miyazawa Grand Prize if a comparable prize is to be created in Japan (Mr. Akutagawa is also making good children).

see you