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How difficult it is to sell picture books!

 It has been decades before people were told that picture books could not be sold. Even Taro Gomi, Jun Takahata, and Shinta Cho are not able to sell 10,000 copies.

Sometimes I read new books often at bookstores (although many bookstores are in vinyl these days), it is very interesting. Well done (sorry, in a noisy way of saying). ‥


 However, I am wondering why I still can't sell it.


 It is because there is a standard selling item. In fact, the annual sales ranking hasn't changed much.


 Harapeko Seiworm, Anpanman, Usako-chan and Umi, etc. are still selling even now, even when they are in peace. It's the same phenomenon that a person called Big 3 is still reigning in the comedy world, when the seventh generation comes out.


 The difference between a picture book and a comedy is that in the case of a picture book, the parents buy it. And of course, I choose and buy titles and pictures that I think were interesting or heard when I was a child.


 In that case, you probably didn't select after carefully examining the contents and reading carefully. Of course, it can be said that picture books that are said to be so classic are wonderful, but the value of something that once thought to be timeless is that it does not easily decline.


 A similar story is said to be the world of cup noodles. No matter how much the latest technology is used to make authentic and delicious new cup noodle products, the noodles for cup noodles, kinchan noodles, and baeyoung soyakisoba must be destroyed, and it will not stand for a year. To be sent out of the market.


 That's why the standard is strong. Even if you say that you can't sell picture books, if you continue to sell them over 50 years, the number will increase considerably.

 Then, how can you break a corner of the stronghold and join the standard group? Of course, writing a good work is the minimum requirement, but you will have no choice but to advertise.


  Recently, Ryohiro Nishino, who wrote the puppet in Entotsu town, will be helpful. Exercising SNS and creating a salon (though not his turner).

 However, some people may wonder if they will not be able to sell without doing so. However, if you do not do so, you will not be able to sell. I can't read it.


 Even if talented picture book writers around you think that if you do it, you will definitely get results, but you may not be good at advertising. There are some clauses that I think are some evil way.


 Despite the different fields, however, Haruki Murakami also said that he was involved in autograph activities such as autograph sessions and sales when he entered the United States.


 Therefore, I want more talented people in any field to promote more and more in the future. At first glance, I think that advertising and creative activities are the opposite values, but in reality they are a set.


 I think good advertising activities lead to good creation. And good creation is good publicity.


 Recently, even in the SNS world, as the former copywriting people are gathering followers, the wording for advertising is also a wonderful creation, and from now on it will be a game of total power including those powers I think.


 It was Nakamura who wanted to read one picture book after another.


 see you