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Will sadness be malicious?

 The word "emotion" is used to express people's emotions. Sadness is the same reading as sadness, but the meaning is different.
 Sadness may involve more specific actions. I think, for example, crying or screaming.
I've heard that the word "sadness" has a nuance of "maliciousness" in Italy.


 In other words, sadness is a bad statement of intention.
 Perhaps it is good to think that it means sad, but it is better to be careful when putting it out.


 The first thing that comes to mind when you hear "sad" is when a close person dies. Certainly not just children, they will cry as soon as they know it.
However, if an adult keeps crying for a long time, I will feel sympathy for the first time, but I think that the surroundings will gradually get tired. Broken heart is the same.
In other words, "press compassion". If you go that far, I think that sadness can turn into bad faith.


 How do you feel sad? You won't be able to prepare it in advance, so you will only know when you encounter it. However, I think that person's character will be brought out in the way of sadness.


 A while ago, the talent's daughter was lost in an accident. And for a while, the talent became an information program, and finally appeared with a tragic face in a car insurance commercial.


 At the beginning, the viewer sympathized with his father, the talent, and shared a sad feeling, remembering this tragic event. However, the commercial continued to flow several years later.


 Gradually, many viewers find it difficult to watch the commercial and change the channel.
 It would be the moment when the expression of sadness turned into bad faith.
Sadness is an emotion that you don't want to meet if you can. And it is the feeling that I do not want people to feel sad. Like this commercial, it accepts with a sympathy for a while, but it comes from the kindness to make the person's sadness easier.
After all, I think that no matter how sad you may be, you should eventually handle the sadness by yourself. "When I fell in love", "When I failed the exam", "When someone died".


 I think that even if you cry, cry, and tear your hair, you should minimize it as long as it is seen by others.
Then, why do people try to watch sad movies and literature? It is just a fact that someone else's bereavement or broken heart. No matter how far you go, it is fragmentary. Conversely, movies and literature are stories. Know all the situations, project yourself into the characters, and experience a virtual experience. It would be a malice to force others on the basis of only fragmented facts.


 “Sad”. The feeling seems cruel, and it is only for that person.
If so, should it be possible to control the sadness of that person only within myself?
After all, I think I have to experience a lot of sadness.
And I think that sadness is unavoidable as sadness, and I can only get used to it in the end.


 Get used to sadness. It means getting stronger.
Separately, you don't have to be strong. I think there is a way of thinking that if you want to cry, you should cry.


 However, I still have no choice but to cry alone. You may have cried alone, but you will find that you cannot cry for so long.
 The reason why children keep crying is because there are people who can endure it.
There is a work called "Hello by sadness" to the debut of Francoise Sagan, but the person or asked himself the sadness, there is a place or create if not.


 Sadness is endless just by looking around. Joy must be sought out. In other words, you can say that you are surrounded by sadness.
It is also true that there is joy because of sadness.


 So, also entitled "Hello I sadness" of the sorrow of Sagan, the original is what was taken from the poetry of Paul Eluard, also last, I think that when you are accepted in such feelings.


 Françoise Sagan's novel was Nakamura, who likes writing rather than content.

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