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I don't have any useful information

 Introduction to blogs (especially aimed at advertising revenue) says that you should write useful information for readers. And if you continue to write it every day, the time will come when you will buzz and you will be expected to make some income from it.
However, do people have useful information for everyone? At least I have nothing.
Once, as many people thought, I wanted to quit as soon as possible, such as a salaried worker, so I have done anything called a side job or investment until now.


 In that, I also worked on programming, but even after doing according to the manual, I could not complete even simple software.
I tried various product introductions as well, but since I didn't have much desire from the beginning, every product looked the same and I couldn't talk deeply. In addition, I am not familiar with studying abroad or changing jobs, which are handled by popular blogs. In other words, there is no technology or experience that can be transmitted to people.
Of course, if you look back, you may be able to write one or two things that are useful. But there are no hundreds or even two hundreds that I can say everyday. The stock will soon be available.


 If so, it seems that you can not write a blog and earn money as an affiliate. On the contrary, people who do it simply respect it after it is amazing.
Of course, there are many popular blogs other than programming and changing jobs. Worries consultation, life lessons. Interesting experiences and more.
However. If you've tried it once, you'll think so, but if you do it all the time, you will somehow fall into self-loathing. When I talk about the answers to my worries and how to live, I feel like this.

 Are you a person who can say such a great thing?


  Though people who can think about it and continue it, they simply admire it.
 If I still want to continue, I have recently learned that I can only write about what I thought.


 Montescue, who once wrote "Esse," which was the etymology of the essay, said at the beginning that he wanted his friends and relatives to know what they were thinking when they died. I didn't start writing to spread my thoughts to the people who are now alive. Maybe there was something like a fundamental shudder about talking about myself.


 When I started writing a blog, I used to write articles of the introductory book that "I should say affirmatively" and "I should write strongly", but I have not written a strong character from the beginning. So, when I thought that the written document was transmitted in real time, it became difficult to write it.


 After all, regardless of blog, I think that it is increasingly radical and provocative to write a document and have people read it if there is no kind of shyness. .. Some Twitters and blogs may have dirty words written in them, but I think the author probably gradually got into writing even if not at first.


 Once approved with dirty or provocative language, it will be difficult to quit. To stop it to a certain extent, I think that one measure, such as the embarrassment that Montescue had, was.

 Mr. Nakamura who thinks that the person who can make money with an affiliate is a person who can succeed in business in the real world, even if he/she is not a blog.
 see you