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Isn't it difficult to change jobs?

 I wrote that I didn't have any information about changing jobs a while ago, but in fact, I change jobs only once.

 The company, who entered as a new graduate, was a partly-listed company that was known for the time being, but I quit within a year or so after entering.

 The company was a fashion company.


 It was a big mistake that I originally entered a company where fashionable people were inviting, even though the fashion sense was normal.

  Everyone in the same period loved fashion and loved it all. Even if I entered the company, there were many people who went to vocational school after work because they had to study.

 In that situation, I entered just because I was a famous company.

 The work was busy anyway. I had almost no rest. Maybe I don't know what's going on right now, but from the side, it wouldn't have been strange to be called a black company at the time.


 However, everyone was happy to work in such a situation. Anyway, the joy of being in the job of being in the fashion of your choice was a priority, and the working environment was second to none.


 I thought that it was just for living, and I gradually became unable to talk with the same friends who were good friends at first.

Then, due to various failures, I thought that I wouldn't have any more and made an early retirement notice. Had I been working as it was, I would have been completely depressed. There are various ways to find depression at an early stage, but I think that I will not be able to do the job I was doing or that I will continue to fail.


 In my case, it was completely the latter. However, I was fortunate to have this series of failures. Because I was able to take a crossing that I could quit.


 The company is said to be cold for those who leave, but it is kind to new graduates who have carefully examined and hired them. And it will be treated carefully.

 Even when I quit, my HR department, not to mention my boss, listened to me many times, and I was able to speak freely about complaints and complaints. And, surprisingly, he even issued a promissory note that he would let me go to the department I wanted to go to in a few years.


 Of course, I think that the boss's profit and loss account, which would be a problem if I quit for new hiring, was working there. However, the attitude of desperately trying to drink was felt not only desperate but also deep affection, until it was said that it would be okay to take him around to a luxury restaurant or club and quit.


 After all, I decided to quit, but at that time, I held a small farewell party for myself to quit in just one year. At that time, my direct boss wore a white coat that looked expensive, but I took it off at the end of the after party and gently hung it on my back. And said

"You must have had a lot of trouble, but you must have had good memories. Please cherish it."


  As soon as I heard it, my tears couldn't stop. After all, no matter how far I go, at first I chose a company that I liked. It was natural that I had to quit. It was the same feeling as when I parted from my favorite lover.

  The coat is still cherished in the closet. And every time I see that coat, I remember my boss and the company.


  Although I have worked for less than a year, there are various kinds of envy and pain, but I am proud of being in that company. And he still buys the company's clothes in a fair manner.

 Now, if the company you entered is not suitable, you can quit more and more and search for the next place. There is a tendency that the company is merely a means of career advancement, but I do not deny that idea.


  However, I don't think it's a great compliment to say that a company that I chose to spend a little time with was simply a black company, but the worst. ..

Except for those with good abilities, most of them are working people. And it also means belonging to an organization. And there are many people who have no choice but to continue working there. And such people support the company.


  The small memories with those people may not be directly useful for your life career, but I feel that they are very useful for living your life.

This is the only small memory of changing jobs.

  Right now, apparel is in a difficult situation, but Nakamura wanted to do his best.

 see you