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Recently, I thought that Twitter was good

 I've been on Twitter for a long time, but I still can't keep up with the peculiar story, and I just try to retweet tweets that I care about.

 The more I thought of musing something interesting, the less words came out. I wonder if this would be boring if someone murmured the same thing.

 Despite that, there may be days when you do a series of tweets in a row, as if a devil suddenly entered. Somehow, one person gets excited and keeps tweeting 10 or 20 hours an hour. Most of the time, when I looked back the next day, I almost hated myself and deleted most of it, but that's a mysterious part of Twitter.

 For that reason, I usually refer to tweets of famous influencers, but I will write about my thoughts about the event that happened when Mamas happened the other day.

 It was an event in which a person who liked and followed me suddenly made a suicide notice tweet and actually attempted suicide.

 When I read the tweet of the notice, I was reading it because I thought it was just a joke, but the next day I really tried to commit suicide, and when I read that I was tweeting from the hospital room, I was shocked. I was really dying.

 The person was the police immediately after he read the tweet? It was saved because I contacted.

 I was shocked at myself when I read the suicide announcement article as a joke and read it.

 Twitter, as you know, is a public place as well as an individual place. Some tweets are lofty, while others are vulgar. There are just bad words and impressions. It's not a public forum theory, but it's valuable because it's a place where people can express their various opinions, and it's interesting, but there are places where I can't trust it because of SNS.

 I can't deny reading the story in half. However, I just push the "Like" button.

However, I was a bit surprised at myself that I couldn't tell if it was true or a joke after reading the article of the party who followed the suicide notice for a long time.

 I didn't know if that was a help or if my senses were paralyzed because I was soaked in SNS.

 By the way, it may be exaggerating not only the words on SNS, but I also feel that I am just listening to the words in the Diet and at home.

 If so, it is scary. I was worried about whether someone around me would take it when I spoke the real word.

 Of course, it is different from SNS. However, as some people can't tolerate the slanderous slander of SNS and die, the light words intended to be a joke can take lives.

 The words of the real intention and the words that I said lightly. I remembered again that it was very dangerous that I could not do this well.

 People say only what they really mean. That would be an unwavering fact. I have to remember that feeling, but how do I acquire it on SNS? I think that will become important from now on.

 What I liked about Twitter this time was that various people, including famous experts, were kind and excellent retweets to the person who attempted suicide. There were some gentle words that made me cry while I was reading it, even though I was not the person himself. To be honest, I'm glad I was doing Twitter just that way.

 Yes, even in SNS, the real word depends on whether you can shake your emotions. In other words, I think the way to identify this true feeling and the words from a light feeling is whether or not "emotion" is moved. Even if you think it's a seemingly true word, don't believe it if your emotions don't move. It is the same even if it is a splendid lie.

 Literally, it's a magnificent mountain of lies. It is because the emotional movement is surely a true word for the person.

 Then, Nakamura thought that if he got used to Twitter a little more, he would like to more actively tweet in order to train this emotion.

 see you