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Nostalgic traveling alone

 I envy those who can travel alone.

 I am lonely on the way.


 When I was a student, I planned to travel alone all over Japan with the money I had saved as a part-time job, but I met a friend in Osaka and returned to Kyoto the next day. I got it. Far from a week, it was just a night trip.

 So I became lonely and had a hard time traveling alone. However, since I live alone, no one is waiting for me when I come back. Still, I wanted to come back asexually.
Considering the reason, when I see a good scenery or a nice thing on the way of the trip, I want to share it with someone at the moment I think it is good. I want to taste it together. If possible, we want to share that we are beautiful, happy, and fun together. However, there is no one traveling alone. It's irresistible.

 The more I thought it was, the more it would happen. If you feel lonely like that, you think you shouldn't go.
Therefore, I was envious of friends who could travel alone for a week or two. I heard that I don't feel the loneliness of myself.


 A thought, this is not limited to travel. I rarely went to movies, watching sports, or taverns alone. Be sure to be with someone.
 It's the same as traveling, and it doesn't matter if you are a lover or a parent, not just a lover, so when you're finished, just share your thoughts.

 When I tell people about this, it's said that I'm just lonely, but it doesn't hurt to be alone in the house. I don't have to talk to anyone for a week and I love drinking alone.
However, when I go outside, I can't go out unless I'm with someone. Therefore, traveling abroad is another. To people who like traveling, it's said that I should make friends on the road, but I'm usually bad at making friends, but I can't get to know them on the road.
Talking to that point, it is said that he is lonely and hates human beings.
Yes, I'm lonely because I hate humans. However, this is a problem. It is semantically inconsistent. For example, if you hate humans and are lonely because you like humans and you like people, you are well established.


 In other words, a person who dislikes humans and feels lonely is a difficult situation.
Therefore, in order to solve this reason rationally, you have to find someone you like and travel together.


 However, as I repeat, I hate human beings, so I rarely find such a person. Therefore, I hardly go on a trip. But I like traveling, so I want to go somewhere when the season changes.


 I have lived such a life for decades. Even if you know this kind of thing, you can't do anything about it. I tend to give up because it is a tendency.

 A person like me who was hateful and lonely was Nakamura who wanted to know how to deal with such situations.
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